Healthy Huskies: Managing stress during exam season  

Exams are tough but sometimes even tougher is managing the stress that comes with it. Bonilla offers a few tips for keeping yourself feeling ready to conquer midterms. Illustration by Krista Mitchell/Daily Campus.

Exam season is known as one of the most stressful times in a college academic year, especially at the University of Connecticut . In the weeks before spring break, classes begin to pick up and the assignment load becomes even more heavy. If you don’t find ways to manage your stress levels, you can find yourself overloaded with anxiety about midterms and other exams. Below are a few tips that will hopefully help you limit the amount of stress you experience during exam season.  

Find time for socializing 

One of the best ways to decrease your stress levels is to get out and socialize with your peers. There are plenty of social opportunities around campus to help you destress and take your mind off of your assignments and exams for a while. Check out UConn Late Night, a group that puts on themed events each weekend on campus. SUBOG is always planning events and activities, from grab-and-go self-care bags to movie nights in the Student Union Theater. Grab a friend and head to these events for a well-deserved break!  

Get Active!  

A great way to decrease stress levels during exam season is to engage in physical activity. Luckily, the UConn Recreation Center always has group fitness classes going on and plenty of exercise machines to help you decrease your stress levels. If the weights and exercise machines seem too daunting, I suggest checking out the climbing center! Rock climbing is a great way to get physically active while also having fun. Visit the Rec’s website to sign up for a climbing orientation. Once you take the orientation, you can use your UConn ID to rent some climbing shoes for a session. The Rec Center also offers access to basketball and racquetball courts, as well as access to the aquatic center for all UConn students with a valid ID. Visit the website to learn more!  

Eat Well  

During exam season, it is important to fuel your body properly. By eating enough food and having a balanced diet, you can best prepare your body for all the upcoming hours of studying. Visit one of UConn’s many dining halls throughout the day, or one of the many cafés and restaurants throughout campus. If you’re not in the mood for dining hall food, you can use your student points or flex passes at the Union Street Market, which offers different kinds of food throughout the day. Make sure to include foods high in protein and potassium, as these nutrients are important for memory and brain health.  

Create a Study Plan 

To best prepare yourself for exam season, it’s important to have a game plan. If you don’t make a plan and leave all your assignments and studying to the last second, your stress levels will most likely get out of hand. Make a list of the due dates for each assignment and exam, and start working on the ones that will either take the most effort or that are due sooner. By setting aside time to study and work on exams each day, you can lessen the load that you have to work on. If making a plan on your own seems like too much, you can visit the Academic Achievement Center for help with creating a study plan or with course coaching. Visit their website to learn more!     

Hopefully by using these tips and tricks, you can get a hold of your stress levels during midterm exam season. Remember that to do well on exams, you first need to take care of yourself! Eating well, staying active and carving out time for social activities will help you get in the right mindset to ace your exams. For more guidance, the Academic Achievement Center is stocked with student workers who are ready to help you achieve all your goals. Good luck Huskies! You got this!  

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