‘Ted Lasso’ has a final victory lap 

“Ted Lasso” returned to AppleTV+ this past week. Despite the show’s success, this is the series’ third and final season as the creators originally planned for. Illustration by Steven Coleman/The Daily Campus

This past week, AppleTV+’s breadwinner “Ted Lasso” returned to homes around the world. This marked the premiere for the Emmy-winning series’ third and final season, leaving many fans equally excited and heartbroken to watch the show come to its conclusion.  

Despite the show’s smash success, the team of creators have decided to end the show with its originally planned three season run. In an interview with “Deadline,” producer and star of the show Jason Sudeikis said “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell.” 

With that in mind, the premiere tastefully balances the usual humor Lasso fans have come to adore while also echoing that the show’s end is near. One of the central questions circling protagonist Ted’s head is his reason for staying in London and continuing to coach the Richmond team. It is revealed in season one that Ted was only hired because of his lack of understanding and experience in the realm of soccer as a sport. It was the vengeful Rebecca’s idea to hire Lasso so he would drive her ex-husband’s soccer team, AFC Richmond, into the ground. Rebecca’s character is also instrumental to the show as one of the female leads who has transitioned from bitter ex-wife to one of Ted’s closest and cherished friends. 

With the team relegated to the championship league at the end of the first season, their goal in season two was to make it back to the premier league, which they achieved. The main goals of this season are avoiding relegation again and aiming to win the championship if possible. With higher stakes this season, the pressure falls on Ted Lasso, clashing with his intoxicating positive attitude.  

One of the formidable opponents that Lasso and his team will have to face this season is his ex co-coach and friend, Nathan Shelley, who went through a devastating character arc during the second season, resulting in him being poached by the villainous Rupert to be head coach of a rival soccer team. “Nate the great” seems to be only getting worse in the latest episode, straying further away from the character that warmed our hearts in the first season. 

Many of the other supporting characters have also grown and developed into their new roles in the show. Roy Kent has wonderfully embraced the transition from player to coach and will be relied on quite a bit in Nate’s absence. Keeley, a supportive character, has also gone on to start her own PR company to moderate success. Even Sam stepped up as subsequent leader on the team and Jamie evolved from his selfish nature in the first season. Coach Beard however, is still his humorously goofy self. 

Overall I share the same excitement and bittersweet feelings toward this upcoming season. It’s exciting to attempt to predict how the plot will affect all of these characters this season. With the first episode still matching its usual charm, I’m sure this season will be filled with moments that make our stomachs hurt laughing as well as some that tug on our heart strings.  

If you’re new to the “Ted Lasso” community, I recommend catching up as soon as possible and would recommend it to anyone who may be on the fence about starting it. The wholesome character interactions are a unique and ongoing component included in other AppleTV+ shows. Be sure to give “Ted Lasso” a try if you haven’t yet. 

Rating: 5/5 

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