Feel Good Friday: Asian Nite to be held this Saturday at Jorgensen  

Asian Nite provides students and clubs a chance to celebrate Asian culture. Illustration by Sarah Chantres/Daily Campus

For its 29th year and second in a row since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pan Asian Council will host Asian Nite, a student-run event that showcases the talent of Asian and Asian-American students. 

Asian Nite gives a platform for Asian and Asian-American clubs at the University of Connecticut to have the chance to showcase performances that range from dances and songs to comedic skits.  

Morgan Xu is a fourth semester student at UConn and Asian Nite co-chair. She said that Asian Nite’s goal is to highlight Asian culture that isn’t represented at UConn. Through the entertainment forum, everyone from the performers to the audience can be involved.  

Wasif Zaman, a sixth semester student and Asian Nite chair, hopes that people leave Jorgensen having experienced a great show.  

“AsACC is trying to give [student organizations] a platform to showcase their talent,” Zaman said.  

The Pan Asian Council has been preparing for Asian Nite since the fall semester when they held auditions, Xu and Zaman said. Auditions were done in one day and based on four different criteria: creativity, content, cultural aspect and preparedness.  

Since then, there has been a lot of planning that goes into Asian Nite to ensure that everything comes together, Xu said.  

There have been a few bumps in the road, Xu said. Because there is so much to handle, it can be difficult being a middle man for all the communication for Asian Nite, including everything from keeping up with the student organizations, marketing the event and working with Jorgensen, Xu said. 

On top of that, Xu said she has felt pressure to ensure that Asian Nite is held to a standard that has been kept for 29 years. However, with that pressure, staff at AsACC have expressed that Asian Nite is supposed to be fun, Xu said. 

Zaman said it is great to see the progress of hard work these organizations are putting in, but the biggest payoff is the show itself.  

In the past, organizations have performed dances and showcases of Asian culture. This year, many organizations have taken creative liberty with their performances. They have also implemented program pamphlets, something they did not do last year.  

However, along with trying to do some things differently, Zaman expressed that some things are left to be tradition.  

“Some things are just as simple as celebrating [Asian] culture… the heart of the show is always going to be there,” Zaman said.  

Xu said that she is most impressed that Asian Nite consists of non-professional entertainment groups who work hard to meet the standards that have been set for so long. Zaman and Xu also expressed that there has been a great amount of alumni support.  

“Asian Nite is a big alumni event… everyone has a great deep love for these organizations,” Zaman said.  

This year, they have 13 organizations participating and over 203 performers. The event will be in Jorgensen on Saturday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.  

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