“Murder Mystery 2” didn’t need to happen, but you should be glad that it did 


They did it again! The dynamic duo, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, come back after four years to serve us with another action-comedy movie. On Friday, March 31, Netflix released the sequel to the beloved “Murder Mystery.”  

The movie begins with a rundown of what Nick and Audry Spitz have been up to since their last murder mystery. After their debut in the crime world, the Spitzs established their own detective business where they serve as private investigators. Unfortunately, none of their pursuits have landed in success.  

The couple decides to take a break from crime and venture off to a private island to visit an old friend, Vikram — also known as the Maharajah — at his wedding. The onset of their vacation has the Spitzs living in luxury. Everything from their private helicopter, to their massive suite, to their gift bags filled with jewels and new iPhones makes for the perfect satirical setting.  

Then the wedding commences. Grandiosity can only begin to describe the magnitude of this event. The venue could fit five of the insane guest suites, everyone came dressed in their most glamorous attire and to top it all off, the bride was welcomed by a large group dance — and the groom by an elephant ride.  

At this point of the film, the audience meets almost all of the core characters. Claudette, the Maharajah’s fiancé, the snobbish Countess Sekou and her sidekick Imani, the invasive Francisco, the groom’s sister, Saira and a returnee of the original “Murder Mystery,” Colonel Ulenga.  

Of course, nothing can go smoothly when Nick and Audrey are around. During the opening ceremony, tragedy strikes when the wedding party discovers that the man riding in on the elephant is not the Maharajah. In the midst of confusion, Nick realizes that this scheme is meant to distract from the escape. He runs outside to find the kidnapper lugging his friend onto a boat. After informing the wedding board of what he just witnessed, Nick and Audrey come to the conclusion that the suspect could only be a member of the board as they were the only people who knew about the surprise elephant entrance.  

The next morning, the ‘real’ detective Connor Miller arrives on the island to investigate the kidnapping. He arranges a phone call to speak with the kidnapper, who, as it turns out, only wishes to speak to Nick. The aftermath of this phone call lands the crew in Paris, France. 

From this point forward, Nick and Audrey find themselves entirely incapable of trusting anyone around them. Everyone they answer to seems to have a second secretive side to them that the couple can’t decode. They face surprises left and right. From faked deaths, to triple crosses, to launching themselves into a river, to literally hanging on by a thread off the side of the Eiffel Tower, neither the Spitzs nor the audience has a second to breathe. And just when you think the mystery has been solved, the identity of the mastermind behind this scheme is revealed.  

Throughout the movie, Nick and Audrey work not only to figure out who did it, but also to mend their marriage. The stress of their failing business has put a strain on their relationship, but through better communication and teamwork in this new adventure, the couple might be able to salvage their love.  

If you enjoyed the last “Murder Mystery,” I don’t see a reason why you won’t enjoy the sequel even more. Some movies are better left alone, but after watching this, I wouldn’t mind a “Murder Mystery 3.” 

Rating: 5/5 

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