UConn Dining Passover options

Students celebrating Passover can sign up to receive Passover meals at dining halls. Illustration by Krista Mitchell/Daily Campus

Students who plan to celebrate Passover, beginning Wednesday, can sign up now for Passover meals served at the University of Connecticut’s dining locations.  

The Jewish holiday of Passover lasts eight days from Wednesday evening until the evening of April 13.  

Various rules and food restrictions take place during the holiday which include things like not eating leavened bread or products derived from grains, not working on the first two and last two days of the holiday and more, an article said.   

One of the most important aspects of the holiday is the Seder. A celebratory feast held on the first night of Passover, an article said. 

UConn Hillel, a center for Jewish life on campus, will kick off Passover celebrations on campus.  

“Passover starts this Wednesday at sunset. There will be a Seder supper at Hillel that night after a service. Both will take place in Hillel,” James Kupchunos Area Manager at Gelfenbien Commons said. 

Since its opening, Gelfenbien Commons, widely known by students as Towers dining hall, has served options for kosher students all semester long.  

“Gelfenbien Commons has been open since 2003 and we have had the kosher kitchen operating since day one,” Kupchunos said. 

Passover meals will be served either at Gelfenbien Commons or Hillel for the duration of the holiday. Students who want the meals must sign up in advance, the UConn dining website said. 

“To sign up, students would go online to the UConn dining page and click the provided link. Students can sign up for only specific days or meals,” Kupchunos said. “No matter how many meals students sign up for, it is included in their meal plan.” 

All meals, no matter where they are served, will be made in the NOSH Kosher Kitchen, located in Gelfenbien Commons and will follow Passover restrictions, the UConn dining website said. 

For the meals being served in Towers, students will go into a separate dining room to be served, next to the main dining area. All meals provided in Towers will be available during normal hours, Kupchunos said.   

“We are the only dining hall that has Kosher meals. Besides the separate room, all operations will be normal,” Kupchunos said.   

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