UConn celebrations leave 15 arrested, 16 hospitalized   

In lieu of the UConn Men’s Basketball team victory in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship student’s stormed the campus leaving some injured and some in jail. Photo by Anonymous.

University of Connecticut student celebrations in the aftermath of the UConn Men’s Basketball team victory at the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship have left 15 people arrested and 16 hospitalized.  

University Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said that while a vast majority of the celebrations were done safely, a small number of students celebrated recklessly. 

“The vast majority of those celebrating the Husky victory last night did so safely and responsibly,” Reitz said. “A small number chose to risk their safety and that of others by vandalizing or destroying property after the game. UConn Police will investigate the vandalism and other potential criminal offenses that occurred. Those responsible will face arrest and if they are students, sanctions up to and including expulsion.” 

Some of the vandalism consisted of breaking light poles in the center of campus, breaking glass windows in some of the buildings including the Student Union, turning a vehicle on its side and setting fire to trash dumpsters and wooden benches.  

“15 people have been arrested and charged with various crimes; most of those arrested are UConn students. 16 people were transported to area hospitals for evaluation of injuries, none of which were considered to be significant,” Reitz said. 

UConn students who engaged in the vandalism may face criminal charges and sanctions by the university. These sanctions may include up to expulsion. 

According to Reitz, the UConn Facilities Operations crews worked overnight and into the morning on campus to document and clean up the damage. The damage estimates are still being determined. 

Despite the vandalism, classes and academic operations continued as scheduled on Tuesday. 


  1. I started at UConn in 1988, living in The Jungle. We had all new furniture because in 1987, the Huskies won some NIT championship thing and all the furniture was burned in bonfires. Good to see nothing changes, I guess…

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