Feel Good Friday: Jonathan XIV makes full recovery 

Jonathan XIV walks out with the Women’s Basketball Team during their boarding to face North Carolina State in 2022. Photo by Jayden Colon/Daily Campus

Jonathan XIV, the University of Connecticut’s current mascot, has fully recovered after an emergency surgery at the Fenton River Veterinary Hospital in January, handlers of Alpha Phi Omega stated.  

“He is doing fantastic,” Tracy Cree, adviser for Alpha Phi Omega, said. “It’s really great to see him run again, play, and have energy.” 

The surgery removed a mass from his spleen. The mass was tested for a biopsy and came back negative for cancer. 

“We are so thankful to the Fenton River vets for taking quick action for him,” Cree said. 

According to Cree, the surgery is typically traumatic for animals. However, APO handlers noticed the change in Jonathan’s energy and called the veterinary hospital just in time.  

“We really appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers,” Cree said. 

Recently, Jonathan went to Houston for the NCAA championship to cheer on the UConn Huskies men’s basketball team. 

UConn students can find Jonathan on his daily walks at noon around campus. His favorite place is Horsebarn Hill.  

Since the 1970s, Alpha Phi Omega has taken on the commitment of caring and safeguarding Jonathan the Husky. APO funds the care and handling for Jonathan from food to toys and leashes. Handlers are selected within the organization.  

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