Roundtable: Which music artist should make a comeback this year? 


Taevis Kolz, SW 

This year, Chief Keef made a guest appearance on Skrillex’s “Don’t Get Too Close” album. He is also set to drop “Almighty So 2,” a sequel to my personal favorite project from his dense discography. Although it has been delayed multiple times at this point, I have no reason to suspect that it will not deliver numerous quality tracks. Though the “4NEM” cut “Yes Sir” went semi-viral on TikTok, he still has a very long way to go to reach the staggering levels of fame he achieved nearly a decade ago. Hopefully, “Almighty So 2,” when released, will gain him back some more mainstream recognition, especially among those who still consider him a bit of a one-hit wonder.  

Raymond Ollivierre, SW 

Oh, I 100% agree that Chief Keef should return to the limelight. With his collaborations with True Religion in addition to appearing on several prominent artists’ albums this decade, I think it’s more than overdue that he should get the respect that he deserves. TikTok made several of the songs off of “4NEM” popular, so I’m really glad to see that people still have an interest in him. What’s even more impressive to me is that the quality of his music has gone up with time, allowing him to score positive reviews after being in a slump for so long. But I’m going to beat a dead horse for my personal selection and literally beg Andrè3000 to come back. 

After Kanye West dropped the divisive “Donda” in 2021, he released “Life of the Party” featuring Andrè3000 to critical acclaim. As to why this beautiful song wasn’t included on the album in the first place, we may never know, but in my opinion it’s the best song on the project. With rumors of Killer Mike featuring Andrè3000 on his upcoming album “Michael,” I’m excited to see what he might bring to the table after such a long time away from the spotlight. Stealing the show from Kanye West on his own song is not something your average rapper can do, which goes to show he’s still as sharp as ever. While others are pining for Frank Ocean to return, I’m begging for Andrè3000 to bless another song in 2023. 

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