The Ultimate UConn Tier List  

The University of Connecticut may be the perfect fit for some, however it may not be for others. As Ollivierre prepares to graduate, he ranks many different aspects of the university. Photo by Jordan Arnold/The Daily Campus

No college campus is perfect, especially not our very own University of Connecticut, but college is what you make of it. If you party all the time and are the human embodiment of a Four Loko, then you probably adore UConn. But now at the end of my time here at UConn, both as a resident and a commuter, I can give a proper review of this college from a minority perspective. 

Before we break the campus down on a 6-point scale I want to remind everyone that experiences are subjective. My outlook will differ greatly from others based on sexuality, race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. The goal of this review is not to complain about the design of the campus, air my grievances, or deem the campus as “f*cking mid,” but to analyze how well it does its job as being Connecticut’s premiere state university.  


I lived on campus for the majority of my housing here at UConn and it legitimately sucks. The dorms are small and unaccommodating with barely enough space for two people. Ceiling tiles falling out of Towers, water issues at North/Northwest and so many more quality of life issues that I can’t list them all. Off-campus housing is EYE-WATERINGLY expensive with rent at the Oaks going for $1,700 for a studio? Here? Surrounding areas have been priced so aggressively that you could have a mortgage. You either have money, get into Werth or suffer. There is no in-between.  

Score: High D Tier 


If you have a gambling fetish,  you’ll enjoy the dining hall experience here. At every dining hall, you run the gamble of getting something decent or absolutely horrible. The savviest of you will check the often inaccurate menus in hopes of planning where you dine. Cue the sad trombone music because you’ve just been bamboozled. If you have deep pockets you could dine out, but spending $100 weekly is senseless with a mandatory dining pass. Grocery shopper? Have fun with the abnormally high prices at Price Chopper or pray to the CT Transit gods that the bus to Walmart is running on time. 

Score: C Tier


If you’re anything like most students, chances are that you have a job on campus, and if you’re desperate like me, you have two. The job market at the university is pretty robust with ample opportunity for students to be employed in the area. Working at UConn is actually one of its biggest strengths and with a work-study program, you can have most of that money tax-free. That being said, students, staff and ESPECIALLY professors need to be paid more. The minimum wage is not enough to live comfortably at UConn and unless you have money, the struggle at UConn is real. 

Score: B Tier 


Because of my Hartford County background, I’m used to having something to do every day. Compared to Hartford, New Haven or New London, Storrs just can’t compete. Nightlife is non-existent and freezing your a** off in a crop top and jeans trying to get into one of three bars is not it. Those bars get raided more than a cockroach in a basement and yet every month someone with a fake ID gets busted. We deserve hypothermia waiting for a nightclub, not a claustrophobic bar. And without a car, good luck getting to any parties worth going to or even something as basic as the mall. However, if you do have a lot of spare time the free events are definitely worth going to at Jorgensen and around campus to get a good laugh or collect free merchandise.  

Score: C Tier 


Given UConn’s history of anti-semitism, racism, Islamophobia and sexual assault I’m giving the campus culture a low score off the bat. I’ve heard slurs, stories of SA and general feelings of unease from multiple communities on campus. Our crime rate remains relatively low, but considering we’re literally in the middle of nowhere that’s not impressive. People generally remain in cliques, which is to be expected but occasionally some cross-pollination takes place amongst campus groups. However, I will say that my experience here at our PWI has been mostly positive, and I imagine that most UConn students will have no trouble finding a group to belong to and feel safe with.  

Score: C tier 


I live a good 30-35 minutes away from campus with a majority of my time spent on Route 84. The traffic isn’t bad but with construction ramping up randomly, I’ve been forced to merge into one-lane roads more often. Constant construction in the area makes getting to campus a hassle and winding roads to campus are crammed full of slow drivers. Good luck finding parking as the literal scourge of the campus, Parking Services, slaps a neon envelope on your windshield for breathing incorrectly. Gaming the system is impossible unless your pockets are deep enough. But if you’re cruising down Storrs in your sh*tbox like me, payment isn’t an option. Find a spot, exploit it, get lucky and pray no one notices you.   

Score: F Tier 

Final Score: 17/30 (56%) 

So, is UConn a good school? Eh. For the amount of money spent to attend here, it’s rather disappointing. There’s a lot that can be done on campus but most students’ time will be spent studying and working rather than partying and attending every event. For small-town people, Storrs is exciting and quirky, but for those used to a busy metropolis, it’s boring. The love students have for our campus is heartwarming, but I’m sorry to say the school doesn’t love us back. Students have long advocated for better living conditions, better services and more affordable tuition. Our professors are underpaid and yet President Maric’s base salary is $631,350 with a potential for $90,000 in bonuses. Personal experiences aside, UConn is a low C tier. 


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