Senior Column: Amanda Kilyk


I was stressed! I came to the University of Connecticut as a physiology and neurobiology major, but decided it wasn’t for me. The first two weeks of my first year were spent combing through majors that I thought might be of interest to me. I had very much enjoyed my high school English classes, and so I found the journalism major at UConn intriguing. I switched my major, added environmental studies (Why not?), and the rest is history!  

Not really! I went on to then switch to environmental science with a concentration in global change about a semester later. I then decided to change my concentration again to human health, which I ended up sticking with.  

But, thanks to my introduction to the wonderful journalism department, I was introduced to The Daily Campus. As a first year student, I wanted to explore all professional facets of my studies. The news department in particular intrigued me, as I enjoyed being able to cover topics in my community that I felt were of great importance to the greater Storrs-Mansfield area. The editors, staff writers and campus correspondents were all so kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging, and made me feel as though I had definitely selected the right section to write for.  

The next semester came, virtually, with the pandemic in full swing (spring of 2020). I was so grateful to The Daily Campus for those next few semesters, as the weekly meetings became a connection to campus for me while I managed my classes from home. By the beginning of the spring 2021 semester, I joined forces with Taylor Harton to become her Associate News Editor. This job was also done completely behind a screen for that semester.  

Serving in an editor capacity, both as Associate Editor and then as News Editor (with my associate Tommy Alvarez), was such a gratifying experience. I was able to pass on my ideas and experience to new writers as well as learn from them at the same time. I was also able to connect with a community of writers, editors, artists, and photographers in a way I would not have been able to if I did not join The Daily Campus.  

While my service ended in the Spring of 2022 due to an internship opportunity, I will be forever grateful for my time spent at The Daily Campus! It shaped the majority of my college experience, and taught me the importance of time management. It also allowed me the opportunity to cover some amazing stories, one of my favorites was writing about President Joe Biden’s visit to campus to dedicate the Dodd Research Center. I’m excited to graduate, but I am sad to leave behind these memories. I’m excited to see what the future holds for The Daily Campus!  

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