Senior Column: Heemin Koo


The author then and now. Photo provided by author

Challenge and challenge yourself. We face many situations in our lives, and it makes us wonder whether or not the choices we make are the right ones. Also, unpredictability plays a big role in planning, and it can make small changes or big ones. 

We are always at a crossroads of choices. Even if we look at ourselves as college students, we always face that crossroad of choice. Looking around us, we influence our futures with various choices such as deciding our majors, joining clubs, planning our careers after graduation, planning to go to graduate school and getting jobs. I also had various choices, challenges and experiences related to making decisions. I chose my courses every semester, met various companies through career fairs and met with various clubs at the involvement fair. With my hobby of taking photos and videos, I met The Daily Campus at the involvement fair, talked to them and they told me when the photo department at The Daily Campus meeting was. The activities that I started participating in alone following my interest in photography were half-exciting and half-worrying. When I went to a meeting, I was assigned to be in charge of the photos. Then, I went around the campus to take photos. 

One day, when it was snowing for the first time in the year, I took a photo, submitted the photo and put a caption on it. I have taken a lot of photos previously, but it was a new experience because I had never written a caption for a newspaper at that point. I was worried if I wrote the correct caption for my first caption in my life. I felt joy and accomplishment the next day, when I found the photo I took was on the newspaper booth on campus. The reactions from my family and friends who liked my photos, including the ones that made it to the newspaper remains as one of my precious memories. Since then, I regularly participated in Photo meetings, took feature photos, stock photos, event photos and photos of the campus, all while saving the attractive features of the moment in those images. I have been a student photographer for The Daily Campus for the past year since that day to the end of the 2023 spring semester. 

Photos provided by author

Decision-making and unpredictability bring many changes and variety to our lives. We can improvise something while talking to friends or make plans. I also started a club with my friends, becoming its founder and president. Such unpredictable things exist and may come to me with small happiness or may change my plan for the day. However, by the time the day is over and the next day or, over time, we may miss this piece of memory. 

So I don’t think there is an absolute answer in our lives. No one can predict whether our choices are wrong or not. That is why I think we must face various experiences. However, just because we might have failed at something, we cannot judge that our choices or our challenges are wrong. Because sometimes, the process of learning comes closer from the process rather than the result. With the experience I have, I could make a better version of myself for the next time, and I can face new challenges. 

I made something, became a photographer and met a lot of friends and it all left me with a lot of memories while I was at the University of Connecticut. Graduation, which I thought was still far away, is now waiting right in front of me. I think working as a photographer at The Daily Campus was one of the good choices I made while attending UConn. Through The Daily Campus, I was able to make good friends and take part in memorable experiences. 

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