WOW 2023: A weekend guaranteed to make move-in memorable 

WOW stands for Weekend of Welcome, and includes a fun variety of events at move-in weekend on UConn’s Storrs campus. Illustration by Haleigh Schmidt/The Daily Campus

Move-in weekend is a magical time at the University of Connecticut. In only a few short days the nearly empty campus transitions into a bustling home for thousands of students. Unfortunately, this speedy transition is almost never easy, predictable or comfortable for new and returning students alike. Despite this, there’s much to look forward to throughout the duration of move-in and beyond. UConn Student Services hosts a Week of Welcome, a remedy to the whirlwind of move-in that aims to provide a positive and memorable experience for all students. 

The aim for the program is quite simple, in fact it’s in the name. The WOW opening weekend seeks to amaze and excite the often anxious student population. The itinerary is filled with a multitude of activities, meals, events and so much more, so let’s take a look! 

With the density of the itinerary, food is a must have to keep energy levels high! In general, each day of WOW weekend runs the entire duration of the day with breakfast, lunch and dinner factored into the schedule. Be sure to check the Husky WOW dining hours page to see which halls are open and when, as they change depending on the day.  

Beginning yesterday on Thursday, Aug. 24 WOW events ranged from photos with Jonathan the mascot in the morning, to the marvelous Funky Dawgz Brass Band in the evening. Also scattered throughout the day were an assortment of various activities that can be found in detail on the Husky WOW website. Don’t fret if you missed any of these events, the rest of the weekend has much to offer! 

Today, Friday Aug. 25, is guaranteed to be another busy day for those seeking fun outings. Starting today and running until Sunday, the Benton Museum will have open hours from noon to 4 p.m., providing free t-shirts and stickers to those who stop by. Just be sure to have your student ID with you!  

While there are so many events taking place today that I can’t even begin to cover them all. The most important one may be the Torch Lighting/Convocation Ceremony at 7:45 p.m. at the Student Union Mall — rain location of Gampel Pavilion. This is a special event for all first year students, marking the beginning of their academic journey. It will be the only time the entire class meets until their graduation. You don’t want to miss this! 

Following that, Friday concludes with a comedy show provided by SUBOG at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts. Comedians Ali Macofsky and Chris Estrada are sure to provide a stellar night of entertainment, a great way to destress after a hectic day. This event is open to all students, and no tickets are required, just bring your UConn ID! Doors open at 8:30 p.m. 

Saturday, Aug. 26 has yet another full list of programs and events students can attend. Campus tours are available from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the UConn mentorship program, METAS, hosts a kick off where students meet their mentors in person for the first time!  

Another important event is the “Let’s Talk” program run by Student Health and Wellness. Beginning at noon, the event allows students to meet and gain familiarity with the consultation/therapy services offered on campus and understand the options they have to access mental health resources and improve their college experience. The event is also available on Sunday in case you miss it! 

Sadly Saturday afternoon is so dense with events there are too many to cover, but SUBOG, the Rec Center, the UConn Muslim Union and the outdoor event Playfair all provide incredible experiences for students, more information can be found in the online schedule

Moving onto the final day of WOW weekend, Sunday proves to be yet another day full of ways to ease the burden of move-in. The Rainbow Center, Women’s Center and African American Cultural Center all have major events throughout the day, all of which are great opportunities to become familiar with student centers on campus. 

Later on at 7 p.m., sports fans can attend the UConn men’s soccer game against Holy Cross taking place at Morrone Stadium. Become an expert at the Husky cheers and sporting traditions while beginning the 2023-24 season strong by supporting UConn athletes! The game will no doubt be exhilarating. 

All of the events listed above don’t even scratch the surface of what is available during WOW weekend. With events continuing well into September, every moment is a new opportunity to get familiar with the university, other students and student organizations. Make the best of each opportunity provided and move-in weekend might just become the most memorable time of your college experience!  

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