Your phone isn’t complete until you’ve installed these 10 UConn apps 

A phone with a lot of apps. In today’s age it is important to stay connected through online resources such as those offered by the University of Connecticut. Photo by Pixabay

In today’s digital age, succeeding in college often means more than just taking notes and reading textbooks. As a University of Connecticut student, installing the right set of mobile apps can help make the difference in staying organized, navigating the large campus, using college resources and balancing school and a social life. As the new academic year kicks off, we’ve compiled the list of the 10 must-have apps for UConn students – a collection curated to help Huskies excel on campus and beyond. 

My UConn 

As the official institution app, My UConn offers many useful student-focused features. Students can view their class schedule and grades, contact faculty and staff and see the event calendar and set event reminders. There are also links to manage your Husky One Card, dining hall menu filters and hours, SHaW resources and an interactive campus map. “It’s really easy to find what you’re looking for,” Kieran Barlow, a first-semester ecology and evolutionary biology major said, “It’s all laid out.” 

Duo Mobile 

All UConn students are required to use Duo for two-factor authentication (2FA). When students try to sign into any single sign-on resource, they’ll have to verify their identity through a Duo push notification. For personal devices, students can trust their device for a month at a time. According to UConn ITS, “2FA greatly improves data security for individuals and for the University.” 

Blackboard Learn 

Blackboard is the learning management system behind HuskyCT. After downloading, type in “University of Connecticut” into the school field and follow the prompts to use single sign-on. Students will be notified whenever an announcement or grades are posted and can participate in class discussions. A due date tracker and the course stream are also included; however, some functions still require a computer, like submitting assignments and using specialized class resources. 

Passio GO! 

Passio GO! offers students the ability to see real time HuskyGo bus locations, ETA and routes. Also listed are Windham Regional Transit and CT Transit routes, among other districts. “I really like being able to see which shuttles are around me after class,” Jan Konijn, a third-semester anthropology major said. Students can also be notified of important transit messages like detours and outages. 

Microsoft Office 365 

Did you know – all UConn students get access to the full Microsoft Office suite for free? This includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and more. Students also get 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, which allows for collaboration and sharing. As a service provided by UConn ITS, students can install Office on up to five personal devices including computers, tablets, and mobile devices. 

WEPA Print 

For on-campus printing, UConn uses a cloud-based service called WEPA. One of the easiest ways to print is by using the WEPA Print app. After downloading, select “University of Connecticut” from the list and follow the prompts to use single sign-on. You can easily add funds to your print balance with Husky Bucks or through electronic payment using the app. Also included is an interactive map of the closest print stations on-campus. When you’re ready to print, select a file from OneDrive, Dropbox or your phone storage and then press the tap-to-print feature at any WEPA station. 

Dining Paws (iOS only) 

Have you ever wandered around the dining hall looking for something tasty? Dining Paws, a student-developed app, simplifies the process by showing what’s being served at the eight dining halls across campus. Students can plan their meals, search for favorite foods, and detect the nearest dining location. Students can also choose a “home” dining hall as a default. With an easy-to-navigate user interface, Dining Paws will also show when halls are serving meals, between meals or closed. 

UConn Huskies 

It is a rite of passage for UConn students to attend our famous sporting events. The official UConn Huskies app gives a clear event schedule, scores, live game updates and recaps. When students make a free account with their school email, they can also easily claim and manage tickets and participate in Top Dogs Rewards. For those who aren’t able to attend or travel, the app also offers a live stream and on-demand library of game play-by-play broadcasts. 

UConn Rec 

If you’ve ever wanted to be involved with recreation and fitness on campus, the UConn Rec app is for you. Students can see a live view of the current occupancy, view special events and classes, review facility policies and hours and more. There are also resources and information for intramural and club sports as well as group activities. This app offers a way to stay up to date with UConn Rec program offerings. Students can also be notified about important announcements and cancellations. 

Tunein Radio and Podcasts 

With the demands of college life, listening to music for focused study and chill breaks can help students relax and consequently succeed. TuneIn offers a wide variety of podcasts, radio stations, music genre hubs and curated content. Users can listen to local favorites like WHUS, WHKA, WECS and more or use the interactive Explorer map to choose stations from around the world. For a one-time purchase of $9.99, users can also remove visual and pre-roll ads. 

From keeping track of your assignments, enjoying UConn events and activities and using resources available to you, these apps are set to redefine the way students navigate challenges and opportunities at UConn. 


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