Women’s Volleyball: Huskies take on Hofstra Pride in 2023 home opener   

The UConn women’s volleyball team celebrated their senior night for their final home game of the season against Marquette on Nov. 13, 2022. Despite strong efforts, the Huskies fell in three sets against their nationally ranked opponent. Photo by Skyler Kim/Daily Campus.

The UConn women’s volleyball team will have home-court advantage this Friday night as they take on the Hofstra University Pride in the first matchup between both programs since 2014.  

In their previous two matchups – first in 2007 then again in 2014, the Huskies walked away with two losses. Since then, both teams have changed dramatically and will be starting a lineup of entirely new athletes.  

One unique feature of both teams is the makeup of their lineup. Both New York and Connecticut has most of their rosters occupied by underclassmen. The Pride and Huskies have only four upperclassmen, while the rest of both lineups are a freshman-sophomore majority. It will be critical to see how the lineups of underclassmen match up this early in the season.  

On another similar note, UConn and Hofstra have yet to dominate a series. While the Huskies have one win under their belt within their three-game season, they have yet to display a dominating performance thus far. Granted, UConn has gone face-to-face with two incredibly challenging teams, the University of Georgia and Florida State University. The southern teams proved to be an assertive force on the court while UConn struggled. That being said, it is still incredibly early in the season for the underclassman majority lineup and the 10 plus game season is just getting started. Hofstra also occupies a similar record to the Huskies with a 4-7 record at their backs.  

From its three previous performances, UConn has highlighted a small group of four women who have excelled in the series. Sophomore Emma Werkmeister, Jess Perry, Mya Ayro and Cera Powell were dominant in their performance this past weekend. These top scorers will be the quad to keep an eye on in the team’s upcoming games.  

The Huskies will be going up against some of the top scorers from Hofstra. In their last game, Clara Bal, Yagmur Cinel, Sarah Pierre and Beatriz Braga of Hofstra dominated the scoreboard and contributed greatly to the Pride’s success.  

Going forward, the Huskies will be getting into the groove with their new teammates and will aim to lock down a few more wins before going into a Big East series in late September. As for Friday, the Huskies are set to take on the Pride at 7 p.m.  

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