UConn Fall Involvement Fair brings over 400 groups to Fairfield Way 

Pictured is the Daily Campus booth at the Fall Involvement Fair. Over 400 of UConn’s teams, clubs and organizations stood their ground in 90-degree heat on Fairfield Way from 2-6 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 6 for the Involvement Fair. Photo credit to Juanito Briones/The Daily Campus

Over 400 registered clubs, sports teams, organizations and leadership programs came out on Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to participate in UConn’s annual Fall Involvement Fair. UConn students who dared to brave the blistering 90 degree heat journeyed to Fairfield Way at the center of campus to learn more about these organizations and to participate in one of UConn’s largest and most impactful traditions. 

Advertised by UConn Student Activities as a way to “connect, make friends, and get involved,” this year’s Involvement Fair certainly met the mark, with booths for various organizations stretching all the way from the Student Union to the William H. Hall Building. Categories included but were not limited to Greek Life, Honors & Military, Religion & Spirituality, UConn’s own University Programs (including employment opportunities) and Club Sports, who held their own Club Sports Involvement Fair last Tuesday, Aug. 29. 

Hundreds of students and staff manned booths with poster boards, free goodies and information to get members of the UConn community interested in joining their respective organizations. Candy, wristbands, lanyards and more were in abundance as students crowded across Fairfield Way and likely picked up a QR code to fill out a political survey for an Amazon gift card reward in the process. 

Many participants provided games, having students spin a wheel to get a mysterious prize, play a Jeopardy game organized by UConn’s Protect our Pack, our bystander intervention program here on campus, or, in the case of the Thomistic Institute, roll dice to have to see which question of moral ethics you would have to answer on the spot. 

UConn’s chapter of the Thomistic Institute, an organization dedicated to “explor[ing] the riches of the Christian intellectual tradition,” was one of many faith-based groups in attendance and also one of the many new student organizations to enter the scene at this year’s Involvement Fair.  

Questions like “Why does a good God allow evil?” to “What makes a good friend?” to the very meaning of virtue were among those posed to any student willing to roll the dice. 

The Undergraduate Philosophy Society, located nearby, had their own questions for onlookers, inquiring whether animals should have the same rights as humans and the limits to science, though the presence of memes on the posterboard was a perk not shared by the Thomistic Institute. 

In addition to pondering the very meaning of humanity, students who attended the Involvement Fair were also greeted with examples of creating, crafting and making.  

“Involvement fair 365 is happening every day on uconntact, uconn’s get involved platform.”

UConn Student Activities

A member of Costume Club ventured forth to the Involvement Fair with an enormous sword and fearsome black armor, while UConn Concrete Canoe, a club which builds and then competes with student-crafted canoes, displayed examples of their handiwork for students interested in participating in the National Concrete Canoe Competition or just having fun putting one’s civil engineering skills to the limit. 

UConn clubs for Kendo and Naginata showcased real swords, helmets and padding used for their respective martial arts, and engaged in friendly banter while encouraging students to unite their mind, body and spirit as one, no prior experience required! 

Anime Club provided post-it notes for students to draw their favorite characters, while Sweeter than Fiction, a popular book club on campus responsible for “Book Bash” and “Book Jeopardy” among other events, allowed students to vote directly for the next book on their reading list and the meeting times to discuss it. 

Some clubs, such as UConn’s Film Appreciation Club, racked up student email list numbering in the hundreds of members. Film Appreciation Club, a relatively reinvented club in the last few years, holds both watch parties and discussions for a variety of student-voted films.  

A posterboard sporting the likes of Andrei Tarkovsky and Martin Scorcese as club ambassadors invites students to “come discuss important, classic, or just plain great movies with us as we gain a deeper understanding of the art of film together”. 

The Involvement Fair is packed not just with clubs, but with experiences that take students out of their comfort zones and into fresh environments. UConn Bridge to Guanin offers a community service trip to the heart of the Dominican Republic to “support the medical needs of nearly 5,000 residents” and “give UConn students valuable cultural insight for their future careers”. 

That is not even to mention the variety of UConn’s official programs in attendance. UConn Orientation Services, coming off a successful summer that welcomed one of the biggest incoming classes in UConn’s history, spent their time at the Involvement Fair welcoming students interested in becoming Orientation leaders for the next and passing out hundreds of wristbands. 

One cannot even begin to list out the myriad of clubs and organizations present at the Involvement Fair, from Krav Maga Self Defense to UConn’s Skydiving Club to many of UConn’s fraternities and sororities prepared and excited to welcome a sizable incoming pledge class. 

To students who were not able to attend the Involvement Fair, Student Activities is quick to reassure them, noting that “Involvement Fair 365 is happening every day on UConntact, UConn’s get involved platform.” 

Students can find the full listing of clubs and organizations on the UConntact website at uconntact.uconn.edu. Not only that, but the UConntact website also provides a variety of helpful resources to students interested in forming clubs of their own, including a detailed guide on registering new organizations.  

Many clubs also utilize UConntact’s “Events” feature to showcase meetings and informational sessions available to all students. Upcoming examples to be found on the website include Community Service Days’ weekly Friday trips to the Spring Valley Student Farm, beginning on Sept. 8, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s cookout at the Student Union Terrace on Sept. 10. 

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