Women’s Volleyball: UConn faces first Big East doubleheader this weekend 

UConn women’s volleyball drops a home game to Hofstra at the UConn Volleyball Center on Sept. 01, 2023. Despite winning the first set in a convincing manner, inconsistency on serve-recieve kept the victory elusive for the Huskies. Photo by Skyler Kim/The Daily Campus

The UConn Women’s Volleyball squad is heading into the first Big East doubleheader of the season this weekend. While the team has already made great strides, this may be one of the toughest weekends to date.  

Last weekend, the crew went 1-2 in a three-game series against Michigan State, Binghamton and Brown. Despite getting two losses, the team held their morale and made some fantastic offensive and defensive challenges.  

The toughest competitor of the weekend was the undefeated Brown. The Bears, who are ranked No. 1 in the Ivy Conference, made some intense offensive plays. The Huskies had trouble holding off the kill runs from Brown and found themselves trailing behind by double digits. The final set proved to be the Huskies’ most successful as they were able to start the set off strong with a 4-1 lead. Although the Bears were able to pull away for a win, the Huskies demonstrated several blocks by Taylor Pannell and Carly Furlong.  

Despite tough competition from Brown, the Huskies were able to make great strides against Binghamton. In a five-set series, Connecticut was able to fend off their counterpart with several scoring runs.  

This weekend, the Huskies will be going head-to-head with some familiar opponents. The first of the matchups will be against St. John’s University on Friday. Time and time again, UConn has found themselves battling it out with the Red Storm. Historically, the Huskies have pulled off a 9-8 record against St. John’s and last season Connecticut was able to earn themselves a 3-2 win.  

In last season’s matchup, UConn battled it out in a five-set game to earn themselves a spot in the Big East semifinals. Taylor Pannell and Emma Werkmeister are the two remaining players from last season who will once again go head-to-head with the Red Storm. In 2022’s matchup, Pannell dominated the court with 10 kills and should be ready to repeat her success. With a whopping 210 combined kills between the two, the duo will be ready to dominate. Although St. John’s is currently ranked No. 5 in the Big East whereas UConn is No. 10, the Huskies should be able to make some progressive plays.  

The second matchup of the weekend will feature Seton Hall University. UConn has previously dominated the Pirates with an exceptional eight wins in the books. Last season, the Huskies fell to the Pirates in a 2-3 loss but will be looking to reclaim a win this weekend. Despite Seton Hall’s No. 7 Big East standing, the Huskies’ have several consistent players in their back pocket. Werkmeister, Pannell, Mya Ayro and Cera Powell have consistently dominated the court and will be ready to make some aggressive plays against their Big East opponent.  

While this weekend may provide some of the toughest competition to date, it will allow the Huskies an opportunity to refine their plays against some difficult conference opponents.  

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