UConn Foundation reaches record-breaking $158 million donation total 

The Homer D. Babbidge Library sits in the center of the UConn Storrs campus. The library provides various student services and houses millions of physical volumes. Photo by Emily O’Bannon/The Daily Campus

The UConn Foundation recently announced the largest single donation in UConn history as part of its fourth annual all-time fundraising total. The Foundation uses donations to support the educational, cultural and research objectives of UConn and UConn Health. 

This year, donors contributed $157.9 million in new donations and commitments, according to a UConn Today article. Most of these contributions exceeded amounts received in years past, including $12.5 million in support of faculty, $47.7 million to fund academic programs and a $40 million gift to the School of Nursing — the largest single donation in the history of UConn.  

The School of Nursing will make use of the generous contribution in a variety of ways, including supporting enrichment programs offered outside the classroom and laboratory and the Nursing Traditions Fund, which allows UConn to support material costs directly related to the nursing field. 

Donors also gifted over $55 million for scholarship opportunities.  

“The funds raised for scholarships and fellowships includes 32 newly established endowed fellowships and scholarships, which will provide more long-term support for students,” explained Jennifer Huber, senior director for marketing for the UConn Foundation.  

The funds contributing to these new need and merit-based scholarships and fellowships will allow a UConn education to become more accessible to a wider variety of potential and continuing students. 

Additional donations were made in the name of UConn Health, reaching $15 million, and the Division of Athletics, with over $27 million. Many of these donations were made following the recent UConn Men’s Basketball NCAA National Championship win.  

“These 22,541 donors contributed to this year’s success, adding yet another championship to UConn’s string of record-setting performances,” commented Jonathan Greenblatt, Interim President of the UConn Foundation on UConn Today. “We thank UConn Nation.” 

Founded by university president Homer Babbidge in 1962, the UConn Foundation aims to provide financial support in addition to the university’s other avenues. Although the UConn Foundation is a nonprofit organization separate from the university, they have a long-standing agreement to proctor private fundraising activities that directly benefit UConn students, including the regular collection of donations from alumni and supporters as part of their duties as the university’s official alumni association. 

For more information or to learn about donating, visit foundation.uconn.edu. 

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