Artistic Huskies, here is some of the Artistic Talk with John O’Donnell for you! 


Calling all Artistic Huskies out there! If you were not at the William Benton Museum of Art on Friday, Sept. 29, you should have been. The Museum welcomed a talented speaker, John O’Donnell, a printmaker and new media artist. O’Donnell shared his story of personal growth from his early interest in art as a middle schooler to displaying several of his pieces in exhibits as a modern artist today.  

O’Donnell’s presentation included a collection of slideshows that emphasized the significance of his trip to Italy on his artistic journey. There, he was delighted with the works of many extremely skilled Italian printmakers, such as Giovanni Battista Piranesi, who ended up serving as an inspiration for many of O’Donnell’s own pieces. 

O’Donnell’s works are creatively and originally constructed, focusing on capturing the essence of feelings such as illusion, frustration, defeat and nostalgia. He showcased most of his pieces during the presentation, and the crowd payed full attention to his touching presentation.  

The way O’Donnell works is through a mix of both traditional and experimental techniques that, once applied, result in an original piece. At the same time, each new piece resembles his other works in the sense that they all carry his unique artistic signature marks. Overall, the experience was extremely worthwhile and the event was considered a success by those who attended. 

About forty people attended the event. O’Donnell’s pieces are currently on display both at the William Benton Museum of Art, virtually and physically, and on his website. Those who were not lucky enough to be there on Friday can access and admire his artistic work at any time online. What are you waiting for? 

And for the fellow Huskies who are sitting and thinking how sorry they are that they could not come, here is some good news: the William Benton Museum of Art will be welcoming Janet Pritchard, an accomplished photographer, on Tuesday, Oct. 10 to discuss her work, life story and personal perspectives on art.  

The event will happen from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.. If Prithchard’s name rings a bell on your end, it is probably because you have already been exposed to some of her work in FlakPhoto Projects, View Camera Magazine, The Photo Review and many others publications.. More information on the event can be found at the William Benton Museum of Art’s calendar, available on their website. Therefore, artists who bleed blue, grab your cameras and stay tuned for upcoming events! 

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