UConn begins process of launching new strategic plan 

UConn’s 17th president Randenka Maric has her inauguration on Friday, Sept. 29 at Jorgensen Performing Arts Center. She was the vice president for research, innovation and entrepreneurship for five years prior, then became president in Jan. 2022. Photo by Brian Jerez/The Daily Campus

The University of Connecticut has recently started the development of a new strategic plan, a process by which the university sets goals and objectives for itself and institutions within the university, which is set to launch in 2024. This is the university’s first strategic plan since 1995. 

On Sept. 12, students received an email from President Radenka Maric about UConn’s “long-term strategic planning process.” In a UConn Today article, Maric put a message out about the university’s plans to increase efficiency, both in how the university is run and how it can support students. Students later received another email from Maric asking them to fill out a survey about their “key priorities and concerns.” 

Although the university has had a number of academic plans, the proposed strategic plan differs from that. According to Margaret Feeney, the executive director of strategic planning & initiatives, academic plans focus on the smaller-scale and more educational aspects of the university, whereas a strategic plan is a higher-level framework that tries to tackle every aspect of the university. Feeney said, “this is the first strategic plan in 25 years to fully encompass the university.” 

Feeney talked about what the strategic planning process looks like in the upcoming months. The Office of the Provost will continue to look for continuous feedback from both the student body and faculty and staff. Working groups and implementation teams will also be created in order to act on the feedback that is received. 

Feeney discussed the purpose and goals of the strategic planning. 

“It is a framework which will guide our vision and actions as a university over the next ten years.” The strategic plan will highlight suggestions, criticisms, and wants and needs from the university population, and will use that to plan for the next decade of the university’s future. The overarching target of this process is to create “a document whose goal is to unite,” Feeney said. 

Provost Anne D’Alleva discussed ways the student body can get involved with the process. During September students were able to fill out a survey to provide feedback and have the opportunity to attend town hall meetings and forums to voice their concerns. In addition, D’Alleva said that if you miss those opportunities, “anybody can reach out [to the Office of the Provost] and give us suggestions.” 

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to provide feedback or suggestions, you can reach out to margaret.feeney@uconn.edu, or to provost@uconn.edu

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