Women’s volleyball: No. 11 Huskies lock in for Villanova-Georgetown sequence 

UConn women’s volleyball compete on Sept. 30, 2023 against Marquette in Storrs Conn. With another loss in the books, their season records stands at 5-11. Photo by Siham Nedloussi/The Daily Campus

The Huskies’ volleyball season has just passed the halfway mark with 16 games under their belt and 14 to go. The squad has now gotten into their groove and has been able to find their footing alongside their conference counterparts. Despite fighting a 0-4 Big East record, UConn will face all 10 of its conference opponents one more time this season. With another 6 games lined up before beginning the second round of the tournament, the Huskies still have a long way to go. Up this weekend are Villanova and Georgetown.  

Villanova, No. 8 in the conference, is the closest ranking opponent UConn has yet to face. The contest may grant the Huskies a window to climb the ladder and secure a win.  

Two weekends ago, Villanova faced Marquette and DePaul just as UConn did last week. Both the Wildcats and the Huskies lost to the duo. These losses may allow UConn a chance to familiarize itself with its opponents so the team knows what to expect on the court. One skill set UConn has in its back pocket is its strong quad of scorers. Emma Werkmeister, Cera Powell, Taylor Pannell and Mya Ayro have been an unstoppable force to lead the team through scoring drives.  

The second opponent of the weekend, Georgetown will require intensified gameplay. One skill the UConn crew has developed throughout the season is their ability to maintain the intensity and build momentum. Although the squad has frequently found themselves trailing their opponent, the team has grown successful in staying on their rival’s heels.  

In addition to the team’s growth, they also have a favorable history. The past three games against Georgetown have resulted in a 3-0 Husky victory. Despite the team roster transformations, the Huskies’ history may solidify the team’s confidence.  

Walking into the weekend, the squad can remain hopeful as they have already demonstrated immense growth this season. The first two Big East contests resulted in a shut-out for UConn and two consecutive 0-3 losses. Since then, the team has refined their skills to finish 1-3 and 2-3 in the past two matches. Although these may be losses, the team is visibly inching closer to victory. Last weekend, the crew was exceptionally triumphant in matching their opponents’ kills. That is just one of the many skills they can carry into the weekend ahead.  

Although the weekend may not be a walk in the park for the Huskies, it will make victory all the more worthwhile. With the relentless work the team has poured into practice, this weekend will be another stepping stone on the path to success.  

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