Claire Rosinkranz: Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean we can’t listen to a summer album! 


Singer-songwriter and TikTok popstar, Claire Rosinkranz, shattered the charts in 2020 with her hit single, “Backyard Boy,” a glamorous love song that has gained almost 250 million streams on Spotify. With her newfound fame, she was signed at just 16 to Republic Records — yes, Republic Records, the label that signed Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and Drake! Now, after what felt like a never-ending wait, her debut album, “Just Because,” released on Oct. 6, 2023. 

The first track on the album, “123,” is about avoiding toxic and unnecessary relationships — breaking a negative connection from someone. Rosinkranz opens the song with just her vocals, teasing the listener to get reeled in by her buttery-smooth voice persuading them that this is a soft song. Spoiler It’s not. In a couple of seconds, she starts to ramp up the speed by adding a catchy drum beat, using syncopation to her advantage. Of course, it wouldn’t be Claire Rosinkranz without her sassy lyrics: 

“And by the way, you’re a shitty dancer” — Ouch! What a bruise to the ego. 

The second track on the album, “Sad in Hawaii,” according to Genius is “a track written from personal experience. It describes the emotions Claire felt during an uncomfortable situation that occurred in Hawaii.” It also shows how although Hawaii seems like an idyllic dreamland, aesthetic is not necessarily equivalent to reality. 

She created this song with more of a rock-tone, introducing the use of an electric guitar and a strong drum beat, accompanied by her raspy, yet powerful voice. During the bridge of the song, she sings, 

“Oh, how could I be feeling this blue? / Under the water and out of it too? / And how could it be eighty degrees / Under the sun but I’m negative three?” 

This feeling isn’t foreign; I’m sure we’ve all had our share of emotional indecisiveness, uncertainty and confusion. It’s feeling like you’re finally out of the trenches, but still being stuck at the same time. She highlights the invalidating feeling of having negative emotions about something that should be positive — really, it’s oxymoronic. 

Now, for a little change in pace. “Dreamer” is a blues-pop song with a central theme of romance — or the lack thereof — in inadequate relationships. 

Take a note from me: Good, stable relationships should be equivalent in effort given and effort received — clearly, with this song, Rosinkranz agrees. 

“You’re a dreamer, I’m a thinker” 

“But the summer doesn’t worry ‘bout winter” 

She presents a metaphorical stance, comparing herself to winter, a cold season that is the opposite of summer, a more light-hearted and careless time. The seasons are a testament to the inadequacy of an imbalanced relationship, and how winter, Rosinkranz, is ignored by summer, the person she must have been dancing around with. And they say opposites attract, should we rethink? 

“You’re a dreamer, I’m a thinker” 

Claire Rosinkranz

The sixth track, “Screw Time,” revolves around a common feeling amongst college students: Moving through life incredibly fast while feeling unable to truly take in the breath of the present without being anxious for the future. Whether you’re an incoming first-semester student, a graduating fourth-year, or anywhere in between, you may be scared for what’s to come — you may be avoiding a regular 9-5, or maybe that’s what you want, and that’s okay! But missing pivotal moments in the present is inevitable if all you work toward is the future. 

“King of the castle, wish I could time travel / ‘Cause it feels like I was just 17 / Wondering what’s next for me” 

“They say time flies, but time just steal from me / Stop turning all of my nights into memories” 

Take it from Rosinkranz: Live in the moment. Memories don’t have to stay in just the space in your mind — take a photo! 

From being TikTok famous for her hit song, “Backyard Boy,” to releasing a teaser of her apt musicality and vocal resonance with her first extended play, “BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd,” and then once again with her debut album, “Just Because,” Rosinkranz has grown exponentially in expressing a purposeful meaning in her songs. She has a talent unlike no other: She’s able to make seemingly simple harmonies incredibly captivating. 

Rating: 3.75/5 

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