Women’s volleyball: UConn supports breast cancer awareness in Xaiver-Butler game sequence  

UConn women’s volleyball drops a home game to Hofstra at the UConn Volleyball Center on Sept. 01, 2023. Despite winning the first set in a convincing manner, inconsistency on serve-recieve kept the victory elusive for the Huskies. Photo by Skylar Kim

As the volleyball season is in full swing, the UConn women’s volleyball team are now seasoned veterans on the court. In the Big East arena, the Husky squad has had their fair share of ups and downs. This weekend’s sequence is no different but will once again push the Huskies to either sink or swim. As the season has just passed its halfway mark, the Huskies are at a critical point in the term to make some changes and turn their record around.  

Despite back-to-back losses against Villanova and Georgetown last weekend, the Huskies will keep their heads up as they move onto Xavier and Butler.  

Xavier, currently No. 4 in the conference, has a unique history with UConn. The duo has only gone head-to-head four times and in every contest Connecticut has been victorious. Last season, UConn secured a 3-1 win in both matchups and while the set scores were close, the Huskies drove the win home. This season may be more challenging for Connecticut as they are battling a seven-game losing streak. One of the Huskies’ hurdles this season has been hanging on to the final points of the game. Throughout the season, UConn has been successful in staying on the heels of its opponents, but as the Huskies approach the last couple points of the contest, the squad’s momentum falls apart. Going into this weekend, UConn will be challenged to change this narrative.  

The second matchup will feature Butler, No. 8 in the conference. Given their 8-9 record, the Bulldogs may be the more evenly matched opponent of the weekend. Last season, the duo went 1-1 in two dynamic contests. However, the 2023 term has brought changes to the Butler team. Out of their 13-person roster, six of the athletes are freshmen. With this near-freshman majority, the team is almost entirely different from the squad UConn faced last season. These changes require the Huskies to stay sharp and alert on the court since they are not familiar with the new roster’s dynamic.  

As for Big East matchups, the Bulldogs have secured wins over Seton Hall and Villanova earlier this season. Although UConn did not have similar outcomes, the Huskies have been successful in matching opponent kills. Connecticut will look to Emma Werkmeister with a remarkable 204 kills to lead the team in offensive play this weekend.  

As this weekend’s sequence is quickly approaching, the Huskies will prepare to knock out their first Big East team this weekend. Butler’s game will also pay tribute to breast cancer awareness and will demonstrate support for the cause during the contest.  

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