Women’s Volleyball: UConn looks to maintain winning streak in Providence matchup  

UConn volleyball faces off against Xavier in Storrs, Conn. on Friday, October 13, 2023. The Huskies took a loss with a final score of 3-0. Photo by Emily O’Bannon/The Daily Campus.

The UConn volleyball squad is riding a high after last weekend’s successes against Butler. In the thrilling four-set series, the Huskies finally squashed their first conference counterpart 3-1. Despite a season-long uphill battle, the crew now has a shoo-in to the rest of the Big East competition.  

Nonetheless, UConn’s triumphs last weekend did not go without a bit of pushback from their opponents and a lot of hard work as a team. The first competitor of the weekend, Xavier, did not let the Huskies off easily and stormed to a 3-0 win on the Huskies’ home court. However, the squad held their head high and looked on to their next opponent, Butler.  

From the jump, the Bulldogs fell short of the Huskies’ advances and clung to the final points of the series with everything they had. Despite the Bulldog’s efforts, Connecticut had finally found their groove and proved to be the unstoppable force they’ve been waiting to showcase all season. Nevertheless, this change in dynamic for the Huskies has not come about overnight. The crew has spent season-long efforts attempting to maintain momentum and intense energy in their sequences. More often than not, the Huskies found themselves following just one or two points behind their opponents, if not tying up the score. While these efforts have not gone unnoticed, Saturday’s weekend was the icing on the cake for the well-earned group. 

Looking ahead, UConn will be taking on Providence, a seemingly well-matched competitor. Providence currently holds the No. 10 Big East ranking while UConn follows just below at No. 11. Similarly, Providence’s 8-12 season record is nearly identical to UConn’s 6-14. Just last season, the duo faced off in two matches, both of which UConn walked away with 3-0 wins. While these stats may speak to their competitive ability, much remains unknown as seven out of 14 roster spots are occupied by freshmen. Despite numerous seasonal changes, UConn is coming off a win and will look to maintain the momentum.  

Providence has also fallen to many of the same opponents as UConn. St. John’s and Seton Hall are just two of the losses the duo has shared this season. However, just last weekend, the Friars fell to Butler while UConn championed the group. The Friar loss could be fantastic news for Connecticut if they maintain their intensity and energy. The crew can walk into the contest with a chip on their shoulder knowing they have beaten one of the Friars’ most recent opponents. If all goes well for the Huskies and they maintain their mojo, another success may be just around the corner.  

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