Laufey and beabadoobee: A collab we’ve all been waiting for 


If you’re an avid user of TikTok, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of beabadoobee and Laufey. 

They both gained most of their popularity from going viral on TikTok for their hit songs, “Coffee” by beabadoobee and “I Wish You Love” by Laufey. According to Genius, the two first met in August 2023, where “they recorded a TikTok pretending to be long-distance cousins that hung out and ‘used to make music together all the time’ when they were kids, which left fans eager for a collaboration.”  

After teasing a magical mystery on Oct. 11, 2023, the indie-pop and jazz singer-songwriters have finally given what the audience has been dying for — a collab and a wrecked sleep schedule from staying awake until midnight to listen to their new song, “A Night to Remember.” 

The song opens with a solid drum beat and a soft piano whisper, which accompanies Laufey’s smooth voice. 

“Swore I’d seen you before / Watched you walk through the door / Something in your eye reminded me of somebody I used to know” 

Then, beabadoobee introduces a more sexual second verse with her higher register. However, their voices are like perfectly clasped hands that they fit almost indistinguishably well together. 

“You touched my back / I took your hand / Something from your touch felt shockingly familiar, and I swore I’d seen you before” 

Laufey stated, “There are so many songs about being rejected as a woman, and this song is about being on the other side of the coin — having one great night then walking away.” “A Night to Remember” perfectly captures the true essence of this one-off sexual encounter. 

After beabadoobee’s carnal, dulcet voice, the two artists conjoin to create a new world. The added inclusion of a romantically playing orchestra, the slow bossa nova and their heavenly voices — although their lyrics hellish — quickly escalate the severity of the situation in the song along with the arousal of the audience. 

There are so many songs about being rejected as a woman, and this song is about being on the other side of the coin — having one great night then walking away.


“Underneath the sheets / You enchanted me / And whispered sweet nothings in my ear” 

Their synchronized “enchanted me” conveys a certain vulnerability inaccessible by any other person — a sort of enlightening, eye-opening type of majesty. However, the next lyrics are more melancholic, as the verse ends in a somber tone in contradiction to its more joyful beginning. 

“I shivered beneath you / All wrapped up in embers / It was a night to remember” 

This line is especially amorous as it exemplifies the burning desire of this specific sensuality that Laufey and beabadoobee are referencing. Although this “night” comes rarely, it’ll always exist in the mind — it sets the standard. 

With just Laufey and beabadoobee’s voices and instruments, they have taken musicality to a new standard. Their deliberately luminous song has already gained over 2.5 million streams on Spotify in just its first weekend on the platform. And this was no mistake. Although the song was slightly longer than their average releases, standing at almost four minutes, the slow tempo and evocative lyrics added to the provocative nature of an unforgettable one-night stand. Structured around a sultry bossa nova and the delicate whispering of an orchestra, “A Night to Remember” is the musical representation of rouge satin-made material — a romantic, voluptuous symbol. 

Until the next partnership, listeners will be waiting for their collaborated TikToks — after all, they are “cousins,” right? 

Rating: 5/5 

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