Rapid Fire: Halloween 

Pumpkins carved for Halloween. The Daily Campus Opinion Section tells the scariest mascots for Halloween. Photo by The B’s/Flickr

Skeletons, werewolves, ghosts galore. Fearsome foes scare nevermore.  
Cliched creepers gone so stale; fare a fright to no avail.  
Hallowed halls need a fresh feature; dare, put forth a brand new creature. 
Writers asked, this Halloween, submit a horror we’ve not seen. 

Halloween’s iconic mascots have lost their scare. In this Rapid Fire, writers gave their opinions on the question: What is the most terrifying mascot to represent Halloween? 

Nell Srinath, Opinion Editor

H.P. Lovecraft was a lot of things — most of them bad — but he had a knack for painting pictures of horrors that lie just out of reach from human comprehension. That said, there is one phenomenon very much within human comprehension that blows whatever thinly veiled racism Lovecraft was pushing out of the water: student lunch debt. 

Dan Stark, Associate Opinion Editor

Radenka Maric. Her policies and lack of action are scarier than most Halloween horror movies you’ll watch. She also has an equally terrifying group of henchmen to do her bidding: the board of trustees. 

Tomas Hinckley, Contributor

Midterms being held during Halloween week #PleaseIJustWantToGoTrickOrTreating 

Athena Brown, Contributor

Mirror Lake. Something’s a-bubbling… 

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