Municipal elections are here 

People are protesting on the street in support of voting. Polling location will be open across the state of Connecticut tomorrow for November 2023 municipal elections. Town Council, board of education and zoning are tropics that will appear on Mansfield’s ballots tomorrow. Photo courtesy of Edmond Dantes/Pexel.

Tomorrow marks the November 2023 municipal elections across the state of Connecticut.  

Polling locations will be open from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. for eligible voters to cast their ballots.  

The town of Mansfield will have voting locations at four different venues around the town, with a locator tool on their website for voters to see which polling place is closest.  

Town council, board of education and zoning are topics that will appear on Mansfield’s ballot tomorrow.  

A sample ballot is available online as well as other FAQs for community members to browse before placing their vote.  

For those who are interested in voting but are not yet registered, the town of Mansfield will be allowing folks to register tomorrow. 

The town’s website states that those who seek same-day voter registration must bring a valid U.S. ID and proof of Mansfield residency to 4 South Eagleville Road in Storrs. 

While all of Connecticut will be hosting municipal elections, Mansfield’s proximity to the University of Connecticut allows for town representatives to influence its partnership with UConn, as many students and staff members live in Mansfield. 

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