Election results: Democrats sweep

American pins and Flag on a white background. Elections concluded across America on Tuesday for council seats, mayoral races and ballot measures. Photo courtesy of Cottonbro/ Pexel

Elections concluded across America on Tuesday, with voters casting their ballots for town council seats, mayoral races and ballot measures. Locally, Democrats swept Mansfiled municipal elections, winning majorities on the Town Council, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeals, Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

According to reports from the Patch.com, Sam Bruder (D) received the most votes for town council, with 1,733, This was followed by Ben Shaiken (D) with 1,745, Antonia Moran (D) with 1,697, Carlita Cotton (D) with 1,734, David Litrico (D) with 1,675 and then UConn political science professor emeritus Ronald Schurin (D) with 1,692. The Republicans followed with Brian D. Coleman (R) with 593 votes, Charles J Ausburger (R) with 584 votes, Christopher Kueffner (R) with 584 votes and G. William Tomecko (R) with 784 votes.  

Similar trends followed with all other town boards. For the board of education, April Morin (D) received 1,759 votes, Sabrina Hosmer (D) received 1,791 votes and Martha N. Kelly (R) received 710 votes. Additionally, Gregory Cecil (R) was voted to fill a two year vacancy on the board of education, garnering 1,094 votes.  

There were also multiple major elections throughout the state on Tuesday, with elections for Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven mayor being held. Hartford voters elected Democrat Arunan Arulampalam to the Mayor’s office. Similarly, Democratic incumbent Justin Elicker won the race for New Haven mayor. Democrat incumbent Joseph Ganim seemingly won the election for Bridgeport Mayor by just 179 votes, but due to legal issues surrounding the Democratic primary for the general election and scandal surrounding absentee ballots, this race has not been called by the Associated Press and will likely be challenged in court.  

On the national level, Tuesday saw a major victories for Democrats and abortion rights. Incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear was reelected as Governor of Kentucky with a nearly five-point margin. Additionally, Republicans lost control of the Virginia House of Delegates, while Democrats kept their majority in the State Senate. Republican Tate Reeves won the Governor’s race in Mississippi with almost a five-point margin. Finally, advocates for abortion rights won a major victory in Ohio, where Issue 1 (Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative) passed with a nearly 14-point margin. Ohio Issue 2 (Marijuana Legalization Initiative) also passed by a 14-point margin.  

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