Students looking to get involved in sustainability research are being fiscally supported by UConn

UConn is working towards creating a more sustainable campus. Photo by Darya Sannikova/Pexels.

Funding initiatives for a more sustainable university are being supported by the University of Connecticut’s provost’s office and research division as of a new program, introduced last month. 

The initiatives vary, however each has a focus on creating additional opportunities for students interested and participating in environmental sustainability programs. 

The President’s Research Investment in Sustainability Measures, Actions, Technologies, Initiatives and Communities is a campus wide program that began in October, with a main goal being to provide funding for undergraduate students interested in sustainability initiatives. 

“PRISMATIC provides funding avenues for those students to demonstrate their mettle and brilliance,” vice president for research, innovation and entrepreneurship Pamir Alpay said in a UConn Today article

PRISMATIC supports student research, helping UConn remain a competitive R1 university. 

“UConn is fortunate to have both an administration committed to environmental sustainability and remarkable students who are eager and able to meet the unprecedented challenges that face their generation,”Alpay said in a UConn Today article

Another main hope for students involved in PRISMATIC is expanding student experience with research. 

In addition to PRISMATIC, there are other initiatives that reward students with money to help fund research. A list of those organizations and their offerings can be found on UConn Today. 

The listed initiatives are all funded by UConn research and the provost’s office totalling to $50,000. 

They include an undergraduate research fund for undergraduate research during the summer for $4,500. An IDEA grant totalling up to $5,000 for one or a small group of students. Along with some grants in the $500 range to upwards of $2,000. 

UConn has an office of sustainability that is devoted to making the campus more environmentally friendly, a mission important to President Radenka Maric. 

Some of the initiatives the office supports include climate, energy and buildings, sustainable dining, water and transportation, according to their website

For students or community members interested in getting involved in making UConn more sustainable, the office of sustainability accepts donations and offers student internships. 

As for PRISMATIC and similar sustainability opportunities for students, students may apply at any time for one at Storrs and all of UConn’s regional campuses. Those interested can email with any questions. 

“Office of Undergraduate Research funding programs are designed to offer a range of supports to students, from smaller awards for supplies to larger grants that allow for sustained immersion in a project,” executive director of enrichment programs Caroline McGuire said in a UConn Today article.  

It is important to note that these resources are not only created for students solely interested in sustainability and can be granted to a wide range of UConn undergraduates.   

“Students’ creativity defines what is possible. We hope students will come talk with our advisors about their innovative ideas and the programs that will be the best fit for those pursuits,” McGuire said in a UConn Today article.  

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