UConn students will now only be guaranteed six semesters of housing  


UConn students will now only be guaranteed six semesters of housing during their academic career starting next year. 

An email that was sent to students yesterday on behalf of Nathan Fuerst, Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment, indicating the change that will take effect for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

“UConn has seen a very high demand for housing since the close of the pandemic, prompting a review of housing eligibility for students alongside the current bed inventory,” the email said. 

This would impact current juniors, as they will no longer be granted housing next year. According to the email, any continuing undergraduate student interested in living on campus is encouraged to submit a housing application and will be placed on a waiting list for housing. The email said offers will be made progressively in the spring and summer months, as availability of space on campus is reviewed. 

“Our recent review of demand and inventory has resulted in a change to housing eligibility and is outlined in the Residential Life housing contract for the 2024-2025 year,” the email said. 

According to the email, all first year and transfer students will be prioritized for housing and newly admitted international graduate students will be prioritized for graduate housing upon their admission to UConn. 

“UConn recognizes this is a change to housing eligibility for upper division students. We remain optimistic about offering housing to students on the waiting list and where possible, will build in opportunities for housing and roommate selections,” the email said.  

The email emphasized how administrators and staff are prepared to support all students to navigate off campus housing. Students can visit UConn Off-Campus Housing to learn more about off campus housing options. 

The email added that as the 2024-2025 application becomes available in January, applicants will be notified about their housing eligibility after submission.  

More information about housing can be found here

Update: The University decided to reverse its decision to only guarantee six semesters of housing and now has committed to guaranteeing eight semesters of housing for all students after receiving feedback from the UConn community. This message was delivered via email to select students over the course of Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, but as of the publishing of this article has not been communicated to the UConn community.

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