Women’s Volleyball: UConn to face Georgetown and Villanova in final weekend sequence 


While UConn has had a long fought season defined by several ups and downs, its path to success has been unique. Despite battling a .250 hitting percentage, the team has not let their stats define them. Week in and week out, the Huskies have proven that the small steps they’ve taken on a daily basis have set them up for subtle success.   

Georgetown will be the first to rematch the Huskies on Friday afternoon. The pair’s last contest in early October resulted in a 1-3 loss for the Huskies.  

Despite the fall in early October, UConn made several massive strides in the matchup. The first set was a straight shot to success for the Huskies as they crushed the Hoyas 25-12 in the largest scoring margin all season. Although they ultimately couldn’t seal the deal in the following three matches, the Huskies’ gameplay was right on par with the Hoyas. As for a team comparison, UConn outscored Georgetown in almost all categories. Kills, aces, assists and digs were just some of the game components the Huskies dominated in.  

Although Georgetown was successful in defeating UConn, that same success hasn’t carried through to other conference contests. Georgetown is currently occupying the Big East seat just above UConn and their tied counterpart, Providence, and has been struggling with a subpar conference record of 4-12. With more losses than wins under their belt, the Hoyas will be just as hungry for the win as the Huskies.  

Following Georgetown, UConn will face Villanova in its final game before the Big East Championships.  

Even though the Wildcats have not dominated the top seats of the conference, they have maintained a middle-of-the-road record of 7-9. Although they may not be No. 1 in the conference, they still will pose a challenge to the Huskies. 

UConn’s first matchup in early October with the Wildcats resulted in a shutout. This loss, slightly more poignant than the Georgetown fall, forced the Huskies to stay on their toes.  

In all three sets, UConn was not put down easily and fought until the end. The Huskies were able to stay on the heels of Villanova and the duo even bounced back and forth with the lead. In the end, the Huskies struggled to maintain their momentum and fell to the Wildcats in the final points of the game: a common theme throughout the season.  

Even with their history, a win this weekend is not impossible. UConn has proven its ability to keep up with higher-ranked teams and has demonstrated its strong gameplay even against competitive conference opponents.  

Friday’s game against Georgetown will also be Senior Day and the team’s sole senior, Karly Berkland, will be recognized for her hardwood and dedication.  

If all goes well, the Huskies will hope for a victory at home in the final weekend of gameplay.  

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