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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Welcome to The Daily Campus’s 2023 Graduation Issue! Every year, we make an issue dedicated to the graduating class. The Class of 2023 has been through a lot since arriving to UConn: for many, the COVID-19 pandemic hit halfway through freshman year, leaving the rest of college uncertain. But, the Class of 2023 has survived the pandemic and become stronger because of it. This is the class responsible for bringing UConn back from the early days of COVID when we were all afraid of leaving our houses. The Class of 2023 has accomplished some great things, and you have a lot to be proud of.

This issue is especially for our Daily Campus seniors, from members who started four years ago to those who just started this semester. You’ve all put many hours into tracking down sources for stories, meticulous copy editing, sorting through hundreds of photos, adjusting fonts in InDesign so everything fits just right, workshopping articles, holding meetings, sending emails, and much more. Your efforts this year have made this whole operation possible. To all those who spent some of their precious time at UConn in the Daily Campus: thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

"The Daily Campus has been my foundation for the past four years."

"I began in the Opinion section because I was pissed off at the University of Connecticut, mostly at the administration."

"It’s felt like forever since I stumbled, late, into my first News meeting, but also it feels like everything after that went by so quickly."

"It’s a strange feeling, knowing that it’s the end. At The Daily Campus, writers have an inherently short shelf life. But it’s not about the time you have, it’s about how you spend it. "

"I can’t say why The Daily Campus stuck with me —  maybe it was a good excuse for younger me to use the Moe’s gift cards I won at raffles, or the Sunday night meeting time not conflicting with classes."

"For two straight years, I wrote about food on campus every week and earned the title of “the kid who writes Dining Beat.” Looking back, it feels a bit like a fever dream."

"Now wrapping up my third year at UConn’s student-run newspaper, I have learned so much about life at UConn and beyond; I’ve gotten to write and talk to students and staff about all sorts of hidden gems, whether they manifest themselves in student organizations, on-campus events or even movements."

"Wow. Last year, I was designing the 2022 graduation edition and this year, I’m in it. I can’t believe I’m this close to being done."

"One of my main motivators for graduating early was the amount of money I spent attending the University of Connecticut."

"Three years, 35 articles — each more unhinged than the last — and who knows how many copyediting shifts. I’m scared to do the math, but I’d wager that my time at The Daily Campus made up a good percentage of my time in college."

"My time at UConn taught me the value of showing up for yourself."

"As I take a moment to reflect on my time on campus I can confidently say nothing went according to plan."

"While my service ended in the Spring of 2022 due to an internship opportunity, I will be forever grateful for my time spent at The Daily Campus!"

"I joined The Daily Campus as a Sports section designer in January of 2021. I found the position via The Daily Digest newsletter and created a mock design in order to apply for the position. "

"Well, this is it. Article No. 233 on the new website (second only to all-time legend Cole Stefan) is officially my last with The Daily Campus."