University food truck welcomes new semester with comfort food


The Food for Thought food truck will offer a new menu for the new semester. (UConn Dining Services)

The Food For Thought food truck, owned and operated by the University of Connecticut’s Dining Services, made its debut this past fall with a unique taco menu. But just as students are moving on to new classes for the spring semester, the food truck is moving on to a new menu.

“We’re really changing it 180 degrees from last semester,” said Dining Services Assistant Director of Retail Operations Charles Couture.

Last semester, the truck served a variety of tacos, with popular favorites being the Thai Taco and the Cabo Beach Taco with short rib. In addition to many flour or corn tortilla taco varieties (including vegan and gluten free options), the truck also served chips and salsa as well as apple crisp churros.

The university’s Blue Cow Ice Cream Truck, also a hit last semester, will be winterized until spring break, because of the winter weather. Business started declining by the end of the fall semester as it got colder, so it didn’t make sense to keep the truck in service, Couture said.

However, the ice cream truck is already booking events for the warmer spring weather. Several off-campus events are in the process of being booked, including the possibility of weddings, Couture said.

This semester, Food For Thought will serve what Couture called “cold weather comfort food.” Sandwiches, soups, sides and extras will be available. Among the sandwich choices are burgers, turkey sandwiches, pulled pork, fried egg and cheese grilled cheese, maple grilled cheese, banana and Nutella grilled cheese and more. Soups will be tomato, New England clam chowder and chili, with a bread boule option. Curly fries, fried dough, and kale and spinach dumplings will also be available as sides, according to Dining Services.

“The tacos were a success, but this menu is geared more towards winter,” said Assistant Area Manager John Smith.

Last semester, Dining Services also unveiled a surprise addition to the food truck’s menu – roasted crickets.

“The crickets will still be available, that was a hit,” Couture said.

Alongside the crickets, the food truck will serve another surprise this semester: bubble tea. The flavors will be Black Milk, Taro and Green Tea. Given the season, the truck will also serve hot chocolate, according to Dining Services.

“We’re trying to keep people guessing and interested in the trucks,” Couture said. “I’m excited about this menu – I think it will be well received.”

The interest in the food truck’s menu dwindled toward the end of the fall semester, which is why the plan is to switch the menu up. The menus are not on a set rotation, so students can expect variety in the future. The plan is to change the menu every semester, including for the summer session, Couture said.

The hours and location for the food truck will remain relatively the same as last semester, and students should check Twitter for updates for the truck’s whereabouts, Smith said.

During adverse weather conditions, the truck’s protocol will be to send out tweets and post an announcement in the Daily Digest, though Dining Services will try to keep the truck in service unless truly necessary, Couture said.

The Food For Thought food truck tweets @uconnfoodtruck.

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