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It’s a new year for video games in 2016, with franchises like “Fire Emblem,” “Battlefield” and “Deus Ex” getting new additions, as well as the 25th anniversary of “Sonic The Hedgehog.” However, as we begin playing with new characters in new levels, we should also remember the weapons or tools that we use. This begs the question: What are the best (or coolest or most memorable) weapons in video game history?

Anokh Palakurthi, Associate Life Editor

Imagine a weapon so powerful that people fought each other over it. Actually, you could probably just apply that to nuclear weapons and be done with it, but Soul Edge, the evil sword of the “Soul Calibur” series is possibly one of the most iconic video game weapons of all time, instantly recognizable by its large size and blood-soaked eye on its blade. It’s a sword of such immense magnitude that whoever wields it can shatter entire armies at will with its dark spirit. Talk all you want about how “Soul Calibur” is a pretty casual-friendly fighting game or has one of the corniest storylines ever created – at least Soul Edge is a pretty cool concept.

Kevin Burke, Campus Correspondent

When talking about overpowered weapons in video games, few can compare to the fully automatic USAS-12 shotgun with frag round from “Battlefield 3” and “Battlefield 4.” Imagine the stopping power of a shotgun with the range of a rifle and combined with explosive fragmentation rounds – you have the USAS-12. Capable of damaging personnel and vehicles alike, this ridiculous gun has spawned countless YouTube videos simultaneously showing off the sheer power that came with carrying one into battle and mocking the absurdity of it. Certainly, the USAS-12 will be remembered as one of the most overpowered weapons in a first person shooter.

Edward Pankowski, Life Editor

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as firing a handheld nuclear bomb from one of “Fallout’s” fat man launchers. These portable launchers pack enough firepower to lay waste to a small town, and there’s no better way to destroy a raider camp in a way that’s both efficient and fun.

The details are what help make the fat man one of the best weapons in gaming. The sound of the weapon firing is appropriately epic, and if you walk through the aftermath you’ll pick up radiation. Carrying a small piece of the apocalypse with you is an experience unrivaled in gaming, which makes the fat man one of gaming’s best weapons.

Diler Haji, Campus Correspondent

Nothing in this world is more satisfying than dropping a tree on an opponent in “Super Smash Brothers,” catapulting them sky high in an explosive display of light and mentally patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Do not underestimate The Villager. The little guy packs a punch, and as an added bonus, he adorably hitches rides on rogue rockets that, if timed right, could severally annoy any challenger. Who needs Little Mac or Samus when you could be dropping trees on them?

Marlese Lessing, Campus Correspondent

“Skyrim’s” Sheogorath is fitting as the Daedric Prince of Madness – his twisted realm, “The Shivering Isles” is enough to drive a man insane by sight alone. It’s therefore also fitting that his signature (and my personal favorite) weapon is the legendary Wabbajack.

When you fire this staff of madness, the effect is completely random. It can cast a low-level spell such as Ice Spike, something with a little more bite such as Fireball or right out betray you and cast ‘Heal Other’ on your enemies. Of course, the staff isn’t only limited to spells from the standard list. It can turn your target into something as harmless as a sweetroll, as random as a shower of cheese or as unexpected and deadly as a Level 70 Dremora. Clearly, it is a weapon for the ages.  

Matthew Gilbert, Campus Correspondent

One of the best weapons in video comes from the “Halo” universe and it is the Fuel Rod Cannon.  The weapon did not become available for player use until “Halo 2,” but appeared as a weapon used by the Hunters in “Halo CE.” The weapon was very rare to find in standard multiplayer game play, but with the advent of being able to choose either covenant or human weapon types on a map, became more accessible. It also was rarely seen in online play because it is one-shot kill type of weapon, but if you’re just playing LAN with a bunch of friends, a fuel rods only map is a ton of fun.

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