TV: ‘Jane the Virgin’ delivers in Season 2 after cliffhanger Season 1 finale


The second season of “Jane the Virgin” returned to television on Jan. 25 after a six-week winter hiatus, and it didn’t fail to deliver after the cliff-hangers of its mid-season finale, “Chapter 30.”

“Jane” left off in December by revealing to viewers that the mother of Raphael’s half-sister, Luisa, is most likely the notoriously brutal drug lord, Mutter, and faked her death several decades earlier. Jane and Raphael also finally resolved their incessant bickering for the sake of their son, Mateo, and Michael, Jane’s estranged ex-boyfriend, fixed the Villaneuva’s broken Christmas tree topper and left it at their front door, giving Jane hope for a reconciliation.

Perhaps the most shocking twist of “Chapter 30” involved Petra, Raphael’s sometimes-villainous-but-recently-endearing ex-wife. After finally coming clean about her mother, Magda, killing the menacing Czech criminal Ivan, Petra and Raphael resolve to go to the police and come clean. However, the police suddenly show up with Magda and arrest Petra. It turns out her own mother framed her for the crime.

After ending the first half of the season with all this drama and intrigue, I was slightly worried that “Jane’s” return wouldn’t be able to measure up. Luckily, I was totally wrong. 

“Chapter 31” featured even more shocking twists than “Chapter 30” from start to finish. The episode begins by Jane’s “glam-ma,” Liliana, confiding in Jane that her grandfather is gay and that he left her after 47 years. Jane struggles to keep it from her family, but of course, everyone finds out and it’s further revealed that Liliana has known that he’s gay for 40 years and their marriage was simply an “arrangement.” 

Jane also finds out that Michael might have a new girlfriend and accidentally friend-requests her on Facebook. Michael later shows up on her doorstep and tells her, “I’m finally happy again and I want you to be happy, too. I want you to be happy.” This is just what Jane needs to finally move on. 

Additionally, Petra and Raphael realize Magda tampered with Ivan’s murder weapon—just what they need to exonerate Petra and turn Magda in. This might’ve been a disappointingly quick resolution to such a major cliff-hanger, but the narrator ominously warned that Petra would come to regret the decision very much in the future.

Lastly—in the most shocking twist of possibly the entire season—Raphael and Michael separately realize that Luisa’s mother isn’t Mutter—Raphael’s mom is. Unfortunately, Raphael realizes this just as his mother stabs him in the neck with a syringe. She wants the flash drive that Michael previously gave another drug lord, Sin Rostro, at the beginning of the season. 

“Chapter 32” was, excusably, not quite as exciting as the mid-season premiere, but instead, fun and light. 

Jane tries online dating, and fails miserably, but realizes that she might like her graduate thesis advisor, while at the same time it’s revealed to the viewer that Raphael is still in love with her.

Mateo also accidentally spills orange juice on Jane’s laptop after she spends all night working on her thesis in a state of divine inspiration, and she struggles to find a similar muse—though, of course, she eventually does and her laptop gets fixed.

The episode culminates with Michael realizing where the flash drive Mutter wants is—his former partner and Sin Rostro associate, Nadine, secretly implanted the chip in his leg. 

“Jane the Virgin” is well into its second season and has yet to disappoint. I have no doubt that the rest of the season will continue to deliver its patented fun and over-the-top plot twists and cliff hangers, but mostly I hope that Jane will finally end up with either Raphael or Michael by the season finale in May.

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