Roundtable: Best midterm snacks


Brain food? Oreos may not be the healthiest snack, but not much tops these treats when you’re stressed and studying. (Flickr)

With exams just around the corner, there’s going to be nights where you’re hungry, tired and sick of looking over your notes. You’re going to need food. But what if you’ve missed dinner? Here are some of our favorite exam snacks.

Helen Stec, Staff Writer

The best snack to eat while studying for midterms is definitely an apple with peanut butter. This has been my go-to study treat for the past three semesters, and it has yet to disappoint me. Not only is it easy to make – you just cut up an apple and dip it in some peanut butter – but it’s also extremely delicious and healthy for you, so you don’t feel guilty about it eating it afterwards. It’s a study snack that makes you feel good about yourself.

Edward Pankowski, Life Editor

There’s only one candy that simulates the feeling of being on some kind of stimulant, and that’s Nerds. I’ve heard these tiny candies described as what it would feel like if your teeth experimented with drugs and your tongue experimented with seppuku. That’s what makes them the perfect candy for studying.

The reason is that studying is not just about reading the chapter summaries of your textbook. It’s about writing absolutely everything down as fast as you can and then typing up those notes as fast as you can. In my experience, Nerds are the only junk food that can get you into that state, which is why it’s the best junk food for studying.

Anokh Palakurthi, Associate Life Editor

We’ll all been there. Those late nights before exam day. You know what gets me going? Those black and white creamy cookie gifts from heaven: Oreos.

Yes, it’s generally a bad idea to stuff your face with them as a replacement for dinner. No, I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t done it before. I’m pretty sure I’ve devoured whole boxes of this goodness while frantically going through notes for my next exam day. And if I’ve got milk in the fridge, you’re damn right I’ve got my dinner right there. It all seems so glorious too, or at least until I wake up the next early morning with my teeth feeling like they are about to fall out of my mouth. But hey, nothing in life comes easy.

Matthew Gilbert, Campus Correspondent

The best junk food is Doritos hands down. You can’t go wrong with all the different varieties.  There are downsides of particular note with Doritos, though. I, for one, do not like particulates on the tips of my fingers – and the best junk food has that in spades.  It’s the eternal conflict, the pinnacle of first world problems. Either way, Doritos are great and are an excellent alternative to the traditional potato chip. The best variety is Cool Ranch.  It has great flavor and the particulates that accumulate on the tips of your finger are much less than the traditional Nacho Cheese variety.

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Edward Pankowski is life editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at


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