Keep calm and Fetty Wap


On Thursday at noon, the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) opened up sales for this year’s Spring Concert featuring Fetty Wap. The influx of students wanting to purchase tickets caused the site to crash and ultimately led SUBOG to close down ticket sales entirely and push it to a different day. While it is expected for the student body to be upset and frustrated about the how things unraveled, much of the anger is misguided.

For starters, SUBOG was utilizing a third party system to manage the ticket sales. The same system, according to their official statement on the matter, was used effectively last year with the Schoolboy Q Spring Concert. Additionally, SUBOG had assurances from their third party provider that the site would be able to handle the influx.

One can reasonably assume SUBOG had no reason to believe otherwise, and, unfortunately, the site crashed. There was little the organization could have done in that situation, and to blame them for the failings of a vendor that had given them assurances to the contrary is simply unfair.

SUBOG also handled a bad situation in the best way they could have. No tickets were sold. No one received an unfair advantage due to the server crash. In this way, SUBOG has allowed the tickets to be sold at a later date, ensuring that all students have a fair shot at purchasing one. While not ideal, this is much better than the alternative.

SUBOG could have let sales continue on an overloaded server where some people may have continued to have been blocked out.

Like hundreds of other organizations on campus, SUBOG consists of students. They are likely just as upset about the outcome of the concert ticket sales as the rest of the student body. While discussions about the best way to distribute and sell concert tickets, such as having a lottery or priority system, are certainly conversations worth having within SUBOG and with the student body for future concerts, it does not change anything or help with the current situation. 

A technical failure caused a delay in ticket sales. Tickets will still be sold, albeit later than expected. There will still be a Spring Concert. Fetty Wap will still be performing. At this time, the best response from the student body is one of understanding and patience.

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