What are the 5 best ways to procrastinate on studying for midterms?


Midterms are always a stressful time, just look at this student at Homer D. Babbidge Library. Find ways to delay studying. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

Ah, springtime. When flowers start blooming, birds are singing and the weather is nice.

Oh yeah — and you have five exams in one week.

Midterms have arrived and with them comes all the stress and headaches from studying. So why not take a break? You’ve been working pretty hard all semester. Putting off your academic obligations for just a little longer won’t hurt, will it? So, here are the five best ways to procrastinate on your studying, because if you’re going to put off the inevitable, you might as well enjoy it.

1. Netflix/HBO/Hulu/Any binge-watching service

It’s been a busy semester. Really, who’s had any time to stay up to date on the latest season of ‘Game of Thrones?’ So take the time now to catch up. Check out ‘Parks and Recreation,’ maybe, or re-watch ‘Firefly’. I mean, it’ll just be one or two episodes. Maybe one more. And another one. You can stop anytime you want, after all.

2. YouTube videos

Of course, if you’re too poor for the above or have a short attention span, you can just hop on the Internet and look at endless videos of adorable baby animals in buckets falling over. The great thing about YouTube is the variety. You can have a look at a clip of a budgie dancing along to a dubstep song one minute, and then watch a tutorial on how to remove scratches from a CD with peanut butter the next. And it’s not like they’re hour long TV shows, so obviously it won’t take up as much time. Right?

3. Housekeeping

So when you finally get off of YouTube three hours later and get to cracking open the books, you’ll notice that your room is an utter mess. Dust everywhere, papers scattered about and the trashcan is full…who could focus in such chaos? Of course the solution is to go on a cleaning spree. Vacuum a little, wipe off the shelves, rearrange your textbooks in alphabetical order and maybe spray some air freshener. You’re being productive, so it doesn’t count as slacking off. Obviously.   

4. Walking up Horsebarn Hill

Now that your room is clean, you realize how nice a day it is. Surely taking a quick little walk will re-energize you and get the mental gears rolling. So grab your notebooks and take a little stroll to Horsebarn Hill. The wind teasing your hair, the great view while you go over your calculus notes, etc. So what if you take half an hour to walk there? It counts as your cardio for the week.

5. Eat ice cream at The Dairy Bar

All that walking is bound to tire you out. It’s been a long day. Lectures, notes, labs and walking all the way across campus for a prime study spot are just driving you up the wall. So don’t you deserve a little treat? The Dairy Bar is right over there, so it would do you well to grab a nice, icy-cold pick-me-up. It’s just five minutes. Of course, you still have to choose a flavor, and it’s so hard to decide, but again. You deserve it.

By the time you’ve used all of these wonderful techniques, you will have realized that you have done nothing conducive to preparing for any of the multitude of tests you have, and thus end up crying in your dorm room while eating M&M’s. I therefore do not recommend these strategies in excess, unless you are like me and thrive under the exhilarating feeling of last minute panic. On the bright side, it’s Spring Break in a week, and by then you can stop caring. Happy studying! Or lack thereof.

Marlese Lessing is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at marlese.lessing@uconn.edu.

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