Athlete Spotlight: Getting to know Lexi Gifford


Lexi Gifford runs to first base during UConn’s 6-0 win over CCSU at the Burrill Family Field on Wednesday April 13, 2016. 

Arguably the best hitter on the team, senior shortstop Lexi Gifford has had a key role in any of UConn softball’s successes this season. After a 6-0 victory over Central Connecticut State in which she went two for four on Wednesday, Gifford cracked the .300 mark and is now batting .301, putting her in second in batting average. Starting every game this season, she also carries three home runs, tied for best on the team, as well as 19 RBIs and a .425 slugging percentage. She also makes up a middle infield that leads the conference in double-plays. With a weekend series with East Carolina coming up, the Natick, Massachusetts native spoke with The Daily Campus about her life away from the ballpark on Wednesday.


Matt Barresi: What is your major and why did you choose it?

Lexi Gifford: I’m a senior kinesiology major. My mom’s always been a personal trainer so I’ve always been around exercising and sports.

MB: What is your favorite class you have taken at UConn and why?

LG: Sports Psych has been really cool. It’s like thinking behind why we do what we do.

MB: Who is your team’s biggest rival?

LG: Probably in-conference like a USF or a UCF since they’re both at the top of the conference.

MB: Who is your favorite athlete?

LG: Probably Tom Brady or Dustin Pedroia

MB: If you could play another sport here at UConn, what would you play? Why?

LG: Basketball. Get a couple rings, I played in high school. I was ok.

MB: Twitter or Instagram?

LG: Probably Instagram because it’s like Twitter with pictures.

MB: Favorite TV show?

LG: “Criminal Minds” and “Modern Family”

MB: Favorite Movie of all-time?

LG: “Bridesmaids” is up there. Yeah “Bridesmaids.”

MB: What is your favorite moment in your sports career?

LG: Favorite moment? I think it’s yet to happen. I think this year

MB: Do you have a pre-game meal?

LG: I’m not really picky so I eat whatever we got.

MB: Last time we did Athlete Spotlight Alyssa Gardea said you were the best Hacky Sack player on the team. How did that come to be?

LG: I think because played soccer in high school so I just picked it pretty quick.

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