UConn’s parking problem


Students all across campus are subject to limited parking spaces and many tickets. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut has a parking problem, which has spawned a host of other related issues, namely, parking tickets.

Each year, Parking Services doles out countless tickets to illegally-parked students, either undeserved or technically rightful. At a university where students pay tens of thousands of dollars a year, nickel and diming them to death for trying to find a place to place their cars in order to get to the classes they pay for is nothing short of cruel and miserly. Furthermore, the money it must cost the university to maintain a shockingly efficient, omnipresent parking services outfit is sure to be an exceedingly large sum.

At its root, the deluge of tickets can be blamed on a lack of parking areas for commuter students. While there is hope that UConn will turn the soon-to-be-destroyed “brown houses” and where Huskies Bar and Restaurant used to be into parking areas, this is not enough. Until then, and most likely through then, the restrictions will continue to overwhelm. People are regulated to park at limited places at these specific times, yet, with these exceptions, and so on and so forth. A student looks upon an open and legal parking spot as a shining beacon of light. If in their excitement, induced from finding room for their car, they don’t take the time to read the obscure sign 20 feet away that says these four parking spots are reserved for so and so, they’re down another 30 dollars that could have gone toward groceries.

It’s embarrassing for this perennially top-25 public university to have a far worse parking situation than, say, Eastern Connecticut State University, where parking is free. UConn commuters already pay hundreds of dollars before the year begins for the all-important permit sticker. What good does that do when there is nowhere to park, when students are late for class because they’re waiting for other commuters to come back from their lectures, and climb into their car, and bring them to where they had managed to squeeze their car earlier that day?

If a student is so bold as to challenge the alleged violation, they are met with miles of red tape and wholly merciless parking services litigators. Students are always busy, but to avoid paying unfair parking tickets they usually must appeal multiple decisions and call in to parking services personally.

Our recommendation is to cease needlessly taxing the students who keep the university running.

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