Everything you need to know about Yeezy season 4, Kanye’s newest fashion line


Models wear the Yeezy Season 4 collection by Kanye West during a fashion show, Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016, at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York. The show, set to an eery soundtrack, helped kick off New York Fashion Week. (AP Photo/Leanne Italie)

Fashion week is in full swing, and what would it be without another Yeezy show? Last week Kanye West brought us Yeezy season 4 and the drama was all that anyone was talking about. Before we get to the clothes, let’s set the scene. Typical Kanye needs to be different from everyone else, and I’m all for pushing boundaries creatively, but there’s a fine line between being different and just being annoying.

He opted to have his show outside, and made guests travel almost 40 minutes outside of New York City, to Randall’s Island, just to have a look. Obnoxious and unnecessary? You decide. In terms of the clothing itself, I’m starting to wonder if every season is going to look the same. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 all look borderline identical minus the color palettes. You can always count on Kanye to include skin tight bodysuits and ripped up clothing that looks like it came out of a thrift store.

We all know that the main attraction of a Yeezy show, besides the clothing is the experience. For season 3 he brought everyone to MSG and made it a live performance where he shared his new album The Life of Pablo. This time was no different. He held an open casting call exclusively for any models who fit the description of “multiracial” and put them on stage dressed in Yeezy in the scorching heat. This is where things took a turn for the worse. Throughout the show many models couldn’t handle the temperature and sat down to avoid fainting. This caused some serious backlash among members of the fashion community. Adding to the drama were some technical issues on the runway: one model broke a heel and the rest of the models walking apparently couldn’t’ handle the heat either. Which begs the question, does Kanye even care?

Aside from the drama that happened during the show, the one highlight per usual was his family sitting front row. Kim rocked a futuristic vibe with her all white outfit including white knee high heeled boots which honestly looked more uncomfortable than anything in the world. Sitting by her side were Kendall and Kylie Jenner who looked as stylish as ever, but typical Kylie of course had to take it a step further showing some major skin which, considering the heat, may not have been such a bad thing. Overall the Kardashians never fail to show up and support and after the reviews of Yeezy’s latest line, it may not have been such a bad thing.

Every year he pushes boundaries, but everyone left this show wondering if he had gone too far. Knowing how he is and the lengths he will go to in order to get what he wants may be okay in the music industry, but fashion is 100 percent different. Excluding models based on race and then having them stand in the heat for seemingly no good reason, may be proof that he really doesn’t care about the models showing his line after all. Overall I think we all learned that the major takeaway for Yeezy seasons to come is to expect the same thing. Kanye’s vis

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