Medical drama ‘Code Black’ is adrenaline packed


The CBS medical drama series “Code Black” is back for its second season. This still shows a scene from season one, episode 16. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The CBS medical drama series “Code Black” is back for its second season. To understand the show, viewers should know that it was inspired by the Code Black documentary. According to Ryan McGarry, creator of the documentary, this is an actual event created by “an an influx of patients so great that there are not enough resources to attend them.” This situation in understaffing is prevalent in Los Angeles hospitals as Ryan McGarry experienced during his residency or training to become an emergency room physician.

A new set of characters was introduced as the first year emergency department residents. Many of the previous doctors did not make it to this season, but the second year E.R. residents remain. During this new season they will have to demonstrate new sides of themselves as they must teach and attend their own patients.

Dr. Leanne (Marcia Gay Harden) is the department head and came back with the same strong, noble energy from season one. She continues to teach with technical skills and life skills even viewers may need a reminder in. With complications in E.R. patients, she teaches the residents how you must learn to set aside your ego and accept that collaboration is necessary.

The reality and emotion of the emergency room cases prove to be relatable. Different patients come with varying stories, impacting the doctors and show viewers. The show even manages to demonstrate the administrative responsibilities that occur within each job title. For many, the trauma scenes with patients may not be pleasant, as gruesome images of injuries are shown, but that adds to the unique and real portrayal in the show. An example was when a shark bite victim was shown as he was rescued and treated. Writers managed to create plots that continue to hold twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. This week, one of the doctor’s roles was changed, as he became the patient. He is still in a coma and only time will tell if he manages to recover and how the staff will cope with a possible tragedy.

With deaths, reconciliations, an adrenaline filled environment and well-portrayed emergency room and trauma cases, “Code Black” is a relatively new show that may just stick around for multiple seasons on CBS.

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