Is ‘Vampire Diaries’ back with a new evil in the form of a siren?


A photo of the cast of the sixth season of “The Vampire Diaries.” (Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons)

After the devastating finale of season seven in May, “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) has returned with its final season, which began on Friday, Oct. 21. From the very first episode, TVD has been a complete emotional rollercoaster. It all began with a love triangle including Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two undead brothers (the good one and the evil one), and Elena Gilbert, an innocent girl who recently lost her parents to a car crash.

Through the seven years of the show, it seems as though every character has died at least once, some more than once—except, well, Matt Donavan. How is that guy still alive? If only everyone had that kind of luck.

We’ve been through a lot in this show, but nothing is worse than a TVD season finale—they’re sure to leave you bawling.

In season five, everyone made it out of supernatural purgatory except for Damon and Bonnie. This was followed by a heartbreaking ‘Delena’ scene, with Elena crying her eyes out and begging Damon not to leave her while he talked to her from the other side and caressed her face, even though she could not see him.

Season six was somehow even worse. Alaric was finally about to be happy when Kai killed his bride-to-be, Jo, who was pregnant with twins, at their wedding. Not only did he do this, but he also linked Bonnie’s life to Elena so that Elena became stuck in an eternal sleep until Bonnie dies. They will never see each other alive again.

In the season seven finale, Damon saved Bonnie and finally proved to everyone that even though he makes a lot of bad choices, he is not an evil person. Of course, this was extremely short-lived as the episode ends with him and Enzo being taken by the ancient evil that resides in the tunnel.

The first episode of season eight had a lot to explain, and it did a pretty good job in doing so. The first half of the episode was dedicated to looking for Damon and Enzo, who have left a pretty impressive trail of bodies in their wake. The concept seemed like a pretty recycled idea for TVD, since there has been a never-ending cycle of searching for either a bloodthirsty Damon or ripper Stefan while trying to get their humanity back.

The only difference this time is that Damon and Enzo are now being controlled by an ancient evil, which is hinted later in the episode as being a siren—who saw that coming? Enzo has been leaving Bonnie hints of this along the way, which lead her to a story he once told her that included sirens.

Eventually Stefan and Bonnie find Damon and Enzo hiding out in an abandoned slaughterhouse (the irony, I know) and try to convince them to come back with them. Damon basically tells them he has seen “fire and brimstone hell” and that they are severely underestimating what they’re dealing with. Then Damon blames Stefan (once again) for him being a vampire in the first place and tells him that everything that’s happened is pretty much his fault. Stefan loses hope and leaves, but Bonnie convinces him that they will get them back eventually.

Meanwhile, Damon and Enzo are keeping this creature in a blood pool and feeding it bodies of people with dark secrets, wondering how many more it will “need,” whatever that means.

The episode ends with the creature emerging from the pool, in the form of a beautiful female. Is it a siren? Nothing is confirmed quite yet, but hopefully this week’s episode will clear things up even more.

Additionally, will Elena return for this season of The Vampire Diaries? Are you guys dying for a Delena reunion like I am? There have been rumors that Victoria Justice or even Kristen Stewart may take Nina Dobrev’s character if she refuses—hopefully we will find out soon.

Review for Season Eight Episode One: 7/10

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