One last plea to America


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, in Geneva, Ohio. (Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

After months of enduring one of the most vitriolic and contentious elections in American history, we are nearly at the end. In less than two weeks the election will end and we will know who the next president is. Many have made up their minds, and millions have already voted. But before Election Day, I would like to make one last appeal to the decency and rationality of the American people.

Donald Trump would be a disaster as president for so many reasons. Everything from his policies to his character screams his lack of fitness for all to hear. What he has done and what he plans to do horrifies me, as it horrifies people of all backgrounds across the nation.

His comments about women have been repulsive. The tape that showed him bragging about groping women was disgusting and should be disqualifying. His campaign claimed it was “locker room talk” and “all men say it.” No decent man would ever brag about or even consider using his status to sexually assault women. Trump then had the audacity to go in front of the American people, and state that “No one has more respect for women than I do.”

He has shown time and again he can’t apologize or admit when he was wrong. The president is supposed to be a role model for America, someone whose behavior we can emulate. I shudder to think of the consequences of an entire generation growing up with Trump as president and thinking that how he acts is how they should act. That is not the America I would want any young girl or woman, or really anyone, to be subject to. Trump’s behavior is what leads to the Brock Turners of this world.

Trump would not only jeopardize our culture, but also the safety of the world. With his temperament and thin skin it is not paranoid to worry about giving him control of the nuclear arsenal. On a longer term scale, he would be ruin much of what has been accomplished in the fight against climate change. Nearly every country in the world came together to sign the Paris Climate Change Agreement, standing together against a problem that threatens us all. Donald Trump has said he would rip up the agreement. He would put the lives of millions, even billions, at risk in the future just because he thinks climate change is a hoax. We must not let this happen; we owe it to future generations to protect the environment and give them a healthy planet to inhabit.

I could spend all day listing the faults of Trump, but you’ve probably heard most of them already. All I can say is this. I believe that Trump’s ideas would hurt our economy, our society, and our world. The horrible things he has said matter, and their impact will only grow if he becomes president.

A lot of people hate Hillary Clinton for a variety of reasons, and there is no doubt she has numerous flaws. But I vote based on how the lives of people will be affected by a president. Clinton provides no opportunity for the government to tell people whom they should love. Clinton will not let government make reproductive decisions for women. Clinton will not let our planet fail because of a belief in a misguided conspiracy theory. She will not let our students wallow in debt. She will not turn people away from our society because of their heritage or religion. Clinton will inspire and empower girls and women everywhere by proving there is nothing that a man can do that a woman cannot do. When I vote for her my conscience will be clear, because I know of the good she can do for the people of this country, and indeed the world. So I ask each and every one of you, I beg you, to reject bigotry and hatred and discrimination. I ask you to keep America decent and good, and elect Clinton as the next president. There is too much we stand to lose otherwise.

Jacob Kowalski is a weekly columnist to The Daily Campus opinion section. He can be reached via email at

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