Women’s Hockey: Huskies commit too many penalties in 3-0 loss


Huskies lined up before their game on Saturday, Oct. 22 against Pennsylvania State University.  The ladies lost 3-0 at home to a veteran Boston College team this weekend.  (Ruohan Li/The Daily Campus)

The UConn Women’s Ice Hockey team struggled against a veteran Boston College team this weekend in a doubleheader. The Huskies allowed three goals on power play and lost 3-0 at home.

“We are young,” head coach Chris Mackenzie said. “They are a poised, veteran team. They lost one game last year; they are a cooked team.”

Boston College is a household name in the world of collegiate hockey and in the Big East. Last year, they reached the final with an impressive 40-1 record and a 24-0 record in conference play.

Most of the players from the Eagles’ roster last year are back on the team.

UConn is the antithesis of BC. They have a young team, three seniors, eight freshmen, four sophomores and eight juniors.

In the first period, the Eagles outshot UConn 19-7 and had two penalties that sent sophomore Rebecca Lindblad and freshman Catherine Crawley to the box.

BC’s Andie Anastos took advantage of the second power play and scored with 1:50 left in the first period.

Throughout the season, the Huskies have struggled with penalties. In their home opener against Quinnipiac, all of the goals from QU came from power plays. Against BC, the story of repeated infractions continued.

“In the end, it came down to special teams. They had three power-play goals and that’s the difference in the game,” Mackenzie said.

UConn has a total of five penalties from five different players. The offensives for UConn were checking, slashing, tripping, hitting from behind and charging the goalie.

In turn, BC had only one penalty for holding during the entirety of the game.

Mackenzie again mentioned the new method of refereeing but didn’t offer a comment regarding the amount nor the aggressiveness of the penalties.

“It happens. Maybe later on in the year, we’ll have an opportunity where it will go our way. Right now it didn’t. We just have to focus on tomorrow’s game and that’s it,” Mackenzie said.

In the second period, freshman Tristyn Svetek was called for tripping and Anastos increased the lead to 2-0 one minute into the power play.

Anastos completed her hat trick with 1:37 to play in the second period when sophomore Kayla Mee was sent to the box for charging from behind.

The Huskies have 46 penalties so far this season, and in most matches they had considerably more penalties than their opponent.

Mackenzie talked to the referee multiple times during the game about the calls they were making, but recognizes the team has to do things better.  

“There’s a point of emphasis. We thought they were missing a couple calls but in the end, we need to play better,” Mackenzie said.

Daniela Marulanda is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at daniela.marulanda@uconn.edu.

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