Letter to the Editor: Towers of Terror II


To whom it may concern,

My name is Stephen Winchell, and I’m a proud alumni of UConn (CLAS ‘08), and an even prouder former resident of West.

I’d first like to compliment the editorial staff at The Daily Campus for their journalistic integrity. It takes real guts to publish hateful drivel submitted by an inarticulate oaf, but your commitment to our freedom of speech is commendable. By taking a chance and printing this absurd letter, you have made roads to exposing the writer as the unhinged fraud that he truly is.

Of course, I’m referring to the letter sent by Mr. Sean Rose published on 10/25/16. In it, he praises Towers and it’s residents while denouncing West (which he refers to as a ‘trash dump’) and its residents (which he refers to as ‘boors’).

Put simply, his letter is a disgrace. West is the epitome of UConn, and I will not sit idly by as he disparages the buildings I love.

Yes, Mr. Rose is correct. West is short on parking. West doesn’t have its own dining hall, and the nearby Alumni, McMahon, and South residence halls are indeed larger and more richly appointed. But why would we at West mind? The victory of our neighbors is a victory for UConn. We hold no resentment for the well-being of others, because a rising tide raises all ships. I have nothing but admiration for the good people of Alumni, McMahon, and South.

Towers, meanwhile, is too far removed from the activity of campus life to join our community. The trip to Towers requires either a long bus ride or an uphill walk away from the bustling heart of UConn, and this isolation twists its residence into despicable zealots. They are truly loathsome to behold.

Thank you for publishing Mr. Rose’s letter and letting the good people of UConn see how warped a heart can become once it lives in the fetid wound that is Towers.

By the way, I once attended a party thrown by Mr. Rose. It was an embarrassing affair. The food was overcooked, the guests were bored, and his taste in wine is extremely pedestrian. I would encourage all of you to avoid social gatherings where he would be present.

With gratitude,

Stephen Winchell
CLAS ‘08

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