USG approves funds for senate leadership


USG Senator Michael LaPorte proposes an amendment to a piece of legislature that would grand senate leadership funds for administrative purposes on Wednesday evening during the senate’s biweekly meeting in the Student Union Ballroom. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The Undergraduate Student Government passed a resolution Wednesday night approving funds for senate leadership administrative purposes.

The bill would allocate $5,400 from the budget for the rest of the semester to senate leadership for senate dinners, incentives for senators and replacement name placards, among other administrative needs.

Amendments to the resolution were largely debated and discussions took up the majority of the senate meeting.

Speaker George Wang said the increase in funds was due to an increase in senators. USG senate currently has over 70 senators.

Sen. Michael LaPorte was concerned about the wording of the bill, wanting to specify that only part of the budget would go to these administrative concerns.

“The language in it will make it sound like we’re a very lavish senate,” LaPorte said.

Parliamentarian Stephanie Goebel, who co-authored the bill, was concerned that changing the wording would limit the funds.

“The way the amendment makes this resolution read is that we can only designate funds for the specific things that I’ve lined out here,” Goebel said.

Sen. Benjamin Murray agreed that the amendment wasn’t necessary.

“I think we should have some faith in our comptroller and senate leadership to not set an excessive amount of our budget aside for senate and trust that they will faithfully represent us,” Murray said.

Ultimately, the amendment failed but was debated widely among senators.

Senate leadership in charge of the funds includes Wang, Goebel and a Deputy Speaker, who has yet to be appointed.

USG also approved a bill changing the deadline for new legislation to the Saturday before senate meetings, instead of Monday.

The issue has been discussed in senate for a few weeks and the new deadline was put in place to give senators additional time to read and become familiar with legislation before voting on it in senate meetings.

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