Lafayette Wright brings laughter to disgruntled post-election students


Comedian Lafayette Wright has students in fits of laughter, providing them with a much-needed break from the highly emotional events over the past few days. SUBOG Comedy hosted the comedian at the Student Union Theatre on Wednesday, November 9; the event was free to all students. (Akshara Thejaswi/The Daily Campus)

In the wake of the recent presidential election, Washington D.C. based comedian Lafayette Wright still manages to get the crowd smiling and laughing, even without the help of political jokes about our newly elected President and other related topics. “Do y’all want jokes about Trump and the election? Because I didn’t write any so I hope that’s not what you were expecting,” said Wright whilst beginning his set with the audience.

“Honestly, I’m glad that he didn’t have any political jokes. I have heard enough about the election today and was really happy to get my mind off of it with some comedy,” said Jonathan Stanziano, a fifth-semester psychology major.

This being his first show at UConn, a very wide range of topics were teased apart by Wright. He had material about, the outrageous vernacular of rappers like 2 Chainz, plot holes of classic Disney animations, the difference between being alone and lonely, his love for the classic Robocop film, and even how your bank account can determine how often you have to ask Jesus for favors. “I like college shows, I’m doing mostly colleges up here in New England. They are always more loose than other types of crowds, just easier to talk to folks,” Wright said.

Wright had a very interactive and conversational style to his comedy. Although he did have bits that had a beginning and an end as one might expect, he also went off on tangents about random topics that were brought up during the show, almost as a conversation would between two people.

Wright would often finish a bit and then talk directly to the audience about how many laughs he got at the punch line, even asking very bluntly, “Did you guys like that one, or should I start a new topic?” This allowed Wright to kind of steer the show in a way that he saw favorable to please the audience. “His audience work was really great,” 9th semester biology student Scott Finke said, “It was very easy for him to interact with every one.”

Wright seemed to enjoy himself and was happy with the turnout despite the fact that the medium sized theatre had only about 30 students in the audience. “I like y’all. Y’all are nice. Sometimes I get up in front of the crowd and I tell a joke and they won’t even give me a courtesy laugh, they will just stare at me and be all, ‘that joke was whack, NEXT!’”

Wright was bid farewell by the audience to a surprisingly thunderous applause considering the size of the audience. Everyone who came to the free show had a laugh that Wednesday evening, leaving the theatre a little lighter.

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