Letter to the Editor: West is a Waste II


Dear Editor,

My name is Sean Rose, and I’m a proud alumni of UConn (CLAS ‘09), and an even prouder former resident of Towers. I’m here to respond to the last letter sent in by Stephen Winchell, “The Terror Of Towers II,” published by your fine staff on 10/31/16.

There are so many mean-spirited snipes, so many disgusting and false accusations about Towers and its people in Mr. Winchell’s letter, that I will not even dignify them with a response. In the words of Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.”

However, I do feel the need to reply to the last paragraph of his ridiculous letter:

“By the way, I once attended a party thrown by Mr. Rose. It was an embarrassing affair. The food was overcooked, the guests were bored, and his taste in wine is extremely pedestrian. I would encourage all of you to avoid social gatherings where he would be present.”

Let’s set the record straight here.

Indeed, Mr. Winchell did attend a campus party thrown by me in October 2008. He wasn’t invited, but he attended. And the only thing “embarrassing” about it was Mr. Winchell’s presence there. The man stumbled through the door hooched up, disgusting the attendees with his putrid whiskey odor. Clearly he hadn’t bathed for days (not surprising, considering the condition of West’s bathing facilities). I’m not surprised he found the wine “pedestrian” – it’s hard to savor the taste of a fine Cabernet Sauvignon when you’re chugging down the entire bottle and puking it onto a tray of hors d’oeuvres. After further offending my guests with his vile political beliefs, he was removed from the party by campus police and thrown into the street – where he belongs.

I tell you this not to spread gossip, or to expose Mr. Winchell for the trash that he is (although I certainly don’t mind doing that). I tell you this as a warning. This is what living in West does to you. It distorts your reality and turns you into a feeble-minded, jealous, loathsome lout. It makes you think you’re a King, when in reality you’re a peasant.

Students of UConn, I implore you: don’t live in West! And if you’re living there now, move out! And do it now! Hurry, hurry! Before you turn into Stephen Winchell!


Sean Rose

CLAS, 09


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