Letter to the Editor: It’s time for legislation on Equal Voice Voting


Dear Editor,

The 2016 presidential election surprised many – some are disappointed, some are jubilant. Electoral College criticism is the new national sentiment. 

However, the Founding Fathers were not terribly amiss. So why did one Hillary win a majority of popular votes and Trump seem to steal the election? The culprit is the All-or-Nothing approach we use when tallying popular votes and converting them into Electoral Votes. The Electoral College does not need to be replaced.

Equal Voice Voting offers the best of solutions without requiring a Constitutional amendment (visit http://www.equalvoicevoting.com and download the free book analyzing presidential elections from 1980-2012). It’s a simple approach that respects the popular vote, does not disenfranchise voters, gives each state its independent voice, honors the Founding Fathers’ intent, and acknowledges the this nation’s diverse cultures, peoples, values and priorities.

It’s time to initiate legislation on a state-by-state basis so our Electoral College elicits a continued pride of country. We can realize such confidence if we simply modify how we count everyone’s vote. Contact your legislators and ask that they give Equal Voice Voting their strong consideration!

Jerry Spriggs

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