Alima Fall Dance Showcase raises money for the Adhunika Foundation


The Alima showcase went on Thursday night on November 18th. (Akshara Thejaswi/The Daily Campus)

The Alima dance group held their sixth annual Fall Dance Showcase on Thursday night at the Student Union Ballroom to raise money for the Adhunika Foundation. The foundation works to help women from Bangladesh by promoting social change through the use of technology.

In between the dances Alima members spoke about the work that the Adhunika Foundation has done so far. They explained how small donations of $1 could do a lot to help because the Bangladesh taka converts to 0.013 of a dollar. With this money, the organization is able to build schools that teach different classes, such as technology classes, health classes, career classes and more. Recently, they have also been able to give homes to children who live on the street. People who attended the show were also able to buy raffle tickets to have the chance to win donated gift baskets to raise money for Adhunika.

A couple of the dances that were performed where choreographed by the group’s own members. Jill Metzger, an Alima dance member, was introduced as the choreographer of the following dance. She spoke about the impact of being a victim of sexual abuse as a child and how the next dance was special to her because it allowed her to feel like she was in control again. The group danced the hip-hop routine in their black and red costumes that stand for power and strength.

Later in the show, Anamika Huq shared with the audience that she hoped her choreographed dance sends the message that everyone is beautiful. Huq said, “ I want this to be a reminder to everyone, no matter what anyone else says you are gorgeous.” As the upbeat desi song began and the crowd cheered.

Katherine Acevedo, the president of Alima, organized this fall showcase that was able to bring together multiple UConn dance groups to fundraise for Adhunika. The groups included UConn All-Stars, Aluminate Dance Crew, UConn Irish, Tap Dance Club, Breakdance Club and more. The crowd jumped out of their seats as the members of the Breakdance Club performed. Dhaval Patel, first semester engineer major, said, “They were lit! I wish I could dance like that.”  

At the very end University of Rhode Island Alima chapter came in as a special performance. They started off dancing their routine and were later joined by UConn’s own Alima group. Together they danced to close the show.

Alima, which is Arabic for those who are skilled in music and dance, hopes to have an equally as successful showcase next semester.

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